Welcome to the Corporate Alliance!

Keeping the Galaxy Dirty!

The Corporate Alliance, is mining group owned and operated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Alliance works hard to bring fair priced items to the public as a whole. 
If you have any Questions about the Corporate Alliance, be it about offered services or for diplomatic reasons, please contact the current Leader of the faction for more details.

Recent Alliance Flash News

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Year 18 Day 162::  The Corporate Alliance has merged opperations with the Mining Guild.
Year 18 Day 160::  Elm Aran was replaced as leader of the Corporate Alliance By Shall Ti

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- Year 14 Day 96:: A new report suggests that Corporate Alliance has been steadily gaining influence in Korfin Moon government, and is now considered the ruling power - rather than simply the most powerful lobby group.
- Year 14 Day 77:: Today, the Corporate Alliance announced it has opened its Banking Division to the general Public.  Mass Hysteria Ensues as Confederate Banking System has major overhaul. 
- Year 14 Day 76:: Elm Aran, the leader of the Corporate Alliance was replaced today by Siejo Kutol.
- Year 14 Day 76:: Siem Ro Kutol, the leader of Haven Recycling Corporation was replaced today by Ryann Lhojugg.

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