Arguments against corporal punishment in schools

 Corporal punishment leads to serious physical abuse and it makes children believe that violence is an acceptable to solve issues. Corporal punishment does not teach children the reason, why their behaviour was wrong and if they don’t understand then no changes will take place. Children that experienced corporal punishment, grow up thinking that it’s not a bad thing to against someone that you love. This sort of punishment can affect children’s self-esteems by making the victim feel scared, sad, ashamed or feeling worthless. This kind of punishment also violates children’s rights and it causes psychological harm as it has numerous adverse psychological effects which include:  depression, inhibition, rigidity as well as high levels of anxiety no one has the right to beat up anybody. Punishing learners by way of inflicting pain, conveys the wrong message that violence is an appropriate way to addressing problems.  People who experience corporal punishment are more instilled with rage and hostility even into adulthood.  corporal punishment is unnecessary as there are other means of education that are effective.




Ombili Mbandeka,
Sep 25, 2011, 10:40 AM