In 1990, Martin Sharpe opened the first Tandy franchise store in Cornwall selling the full Tandy / Radio Shack range, plus much more.Having over 10 years experience as a store manager for Tandy, the business grew until 2001, when Tandy announced they were closing all stores in the UK. This prompted a re-branding  to Cornwall Electronics, still retailing the Radio Shack brand but gradually stocking other specialist brands.
By now also selling online, being one of the first businesses in Truro to take advantage of broadband. This became so successful, that at the end of 2004 we closed the shop to concentrate on online selling.

It was at this time that we began computer repairs at  homes & businesses, previously having only worked from the shop. This side of the business increased to such an extent that in 2009 we closed the website to concentrate wholly on computer services, such as repairs, consultancy and support.

At present we work with a large portfolio of clients from local businesses & schools to home users, offering help & advise. With more than 25 years experience from the very beginnings of personal computers through  Apple, Android, Networks & much more.