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Making Bases

Demonstration of Bases - Nick Smith

At the July meeting Nick treated the club to a talk about the bases which we all need to display our work on. Nick is now starting to custom make bases for models, so if you need a suitable base or even just some advice then Nick's your man. As you are probably aware the base on which you place your model not only helps to protect the finished item, it can also enhance the effect of the model or diorama. Equally, a well made model can be badly affected if the base is not right. 

To help the subject blend with the base it is advisable to develop both the model and its base at the same time. Not only can you make allowances for variations in ground work that may for example affect undercarriage/suspension, you can also ensure that the dreaded running out of that special mix of dust before you finish the project can be avoided! 

Another point to be aware of is the preplanning stage. If you have a set idea of the finished project then it is generally easier to achieve a good result, rather than rely on good old luck! By planning in advance you can also restrict the chance of a project developing too much and then becoming unmanageable or unachievable. 

Generally, if you think about the base as part of the project, and not something to worry about at the end then the results are positive. If you require any assistance then there are a number of members who can help.