Document Editing

If you have editing permissions, I sent you a link. See editing instructions at the bottom of this page.  If you are unable to edit by opening the link at the bottom of the embedded document, then use the link I sent you.


If you have sharing permissions and want to edit, THE DOCUMENT NEEDS TO BE OPENED AND EDITED IN THE SOURCE DOCUMENT. 
  • If the document is an excel file (.xls), click on the small "windows" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the gadget.  You will be directed to SKyDrive "WebApps." When the WebApp opens, select "Edit Document In WebApps" from the upper menu.  If you do not, no fields can be altered.  While editing, the data input has a bit of a lag since it saves with each input.
  • If the document is a google doc, there is a prompt below the gadget with a link that reads, "Open in Google Docs."  
  • If editing was successful in 'Microsoft WebApps' or on 'Google Docs,' the embedded document will reflect the changes when the page is refreshed.
If you cannot access the document, a few things might be causing the problem: 
  1. You may not have sharing permissions or they are not set properly.  You can only access using the link sent to your specific e-mail.  
  2. The master document is locked because it is being edited by the owner.  
  3. The link may have been severed if the folder was moved.
Please let me know if you have problems...