Problem Solving & Brainstorming

Problem Solving/Brain Storming
Problem Solving
  • What's the Problem?  (This is the most important step)
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Evaluate solutions and pick one
  • Try it
  • Evaluate results
Brain Storming Techniques
  • Generate lots of ideas, writing them on the board
  • Coach may want to do the writing for younger teams
  • Combine similar ideas
  • Make sure everyone understands each one
  • Give each team member 3 - 5 votes, and let them mark the ideas they like.
  • Pick the 3-5 top vote getters for further analysis, experimentation,
  • and discussion.
  • Use other more formal decision methods (described earlier) to make the next step of decision.
  • Remember the problem solving process! Especially remember what the problem is that you are trying to solve!!