Corning 20%ers Disc Golf Club


New tags are here and they will soon be ready to go. Come on March 22nd for the opportunity to earn a top spot. Players who've had a round this winter have top priority. Kick off time is the usual 11:00AM. See you there!


An update to our 09/09 post... we have added discs to our set of Test Fly Gateway discs for club members to borrow and try out.

The set NOW includes the following discs that you should get yourself familiar with:
    - The Assassin, Illusion, Samurai, Slayer, and Spirit are distance drivers. 

    - The Apache, Blaze, and Sabre are fairway drivers.
    - The Demon, Element, Karma, Mystic, Scout, and Warrior are mid ranges
    - The Shaman and Chief (OOP version) are two of their newest putters. I also have Wizards in many plastics if you'd like to try that model.

Thank you Gateway Disc Sports for this opportunity!
If you'd like to borrow one of these discs please contact us at:

Ice Bowl News
Hank Foss, local course pro, has announced the Denison Park 2015 Ice Bowl. The event is held annually to raise money for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. The event is to be held 01/17/15, Saturday. A flyer with more details is to follow. Hank will have discs available for a $20-$25 entry fee. He will also take additional donations the day of the event. Monetary donations go the farthest for the Food Bank, but nonperishable food items are never turned away. Hank can be reached at (607) 937-8153 for more details.

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