August 6, 2012 DRAFT Specific Plan and Appendices
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume I Volume II Volume III
NOTE: Please note that the Use Classifications Table on page 36 and 37
and the Zoning Districts Map contain a couple of errors.
They have been replaced.
Highlights of the Plan in: English Chinese Khmer Korean Spanish Vietnamese

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Street Trees

 Timeline for 2012

 October 11- Tentative Date for City Planning Commission

 September 27- Release Staff Report and Plan.
 August 30-  Open House and Public Hearing  (Event Flyer in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese- Chinese and Khmer versions coming)
4:30-6:30 Open House, 6:30-8:30 Public Hearing

Los Angeles Conservation Corps
1400 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
The community is encouraged to attend the

CASP Open House, which begins two hours
prior to the hearing.

      August 17- Release the Final Environmental Impact Report.

At long last the FEIR is now finished. The document is divided into three volumes. The first volume contains a list of the organizations and individuals who submitted comment letters as well as a copy of each of the comment letters. Volume II includes the responses to comments, a corrections and additions chapter and a supplemental analysis chapter. Volume III compiles all of the appendices including the Mitigation Monitoring Plan and the Specific Plan.  
August 6- Release of Revised Specific Plan and Appendices. 

Format changes plus some text changes and clarifications. Includes new appendices: Mitigation Monitoring Plan, Historic Resources Survey, Potential Hazardous Property Inventory, and Street Cross-Sections. A Street Tree List is pending discussion at the Aug. 30th Open House.