Draft CASP 

Cover, Table of Contents, and Purpose Chapter

Background Chapter

Future Chapter-Cover Page- various sections below

Economic Strategies Chapter

Organizational Structure Chapter

Thanks for taking a moment to review this first draft of the CASP. This is a preliminary draft and we look forward to receiving your input before we release the next draft at the end of the year along with the public notice for the scooping meeting. You will notice while there are some sections like stormwater that are largely complete there are other components that still need consideration. For example, we are still analyzing the traffic study and following that will be able to determine the appropriate number of parking spaces for the parking cap in each of the five areas. After much conversation and input from the community we are analyzing an alternative approach to height limits. Instead of establishing a prescriptive or even average height limit we are exploring the feasibility of using a solar envelope calculation as the performance measure. The solar envelope analyzes the impact of a building's height and massing on the existing buildings and open space and requires that a minimum number of hours of sunlight be available to the adjacent properties. You will note in the Purpose Chapter that we have identified a number of points that we believe that the Plan can achieve towards certification from the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Excellence in Design (LEED) Program but we have not yet finalized the format within which we'll be able to track the implementation of the Program as the Plan builds out over time. There is also still work to do on analyzing the impacts of brownfields in the Plan area and we are working with the City's Environmental Affairs Department on a grant that they received to do this. We look forward to discussing these issues with you further in the next draft. In the meanwhile, there is much to review and comment on in the current draft and we thank you for taking the time to read through it.