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Sky Block for Minetest


Build a world starting from a small island in the sky. This Minetest mod is intended to be used as a minimal game that allows the player to craft and use all the default items in Minetest in a fun and challenging way.

What will this change in my game?

* WARNING * this mod contains aliases that will disable all map generation in any world the mod is active!

Because of this, some things have to be different:
- death results in losing all your items
- falling below skyblock.WORLD_BOTTOM results in death
- flowing lava and water collide to make stone
- provides crafts to allow access to all items
- provides abms to control spawning and growing nodes

Level 1 Walkthrough

Playing Instructions

Level Achievement Block

Punch (short left click) to refresh your achievements.

Dig (long left click) to respawn at a new location with new items.

Open (right click) to view current achievements.

Death Hurts

If you fall below skyblock.WORLD_BOTTOM you will restart at a new spawn point.

Stone Generator

While you wait for your tree to grow, you should probably create a stone generator. This is done by placing lava and water next to each other with air between.

Infinite Water

If you want to create more water simply place your 2 water sources so they touch diagonally. Now when you take one with the bucket, it will be replaced.

What's Next

The rest is up to you. Load your favorite minetest mods and start building your world!

Levels and Missions

There are 3 levels included.  You can also make your own levels using the achievements api.

Level 1

Welcome Traveller
Complete the tasks to the right to receive great rewards!  If you wasted the required items you can dig this node to restart.

1) grow a Tree
2) dig a Tree
3) craft and place a Chest
4) collect the Lave Source under your Spawn
5) build a Stone Generator and dig 20 Cobble
6) craft and place a Furnace
7) dig 4 Coal Lumps
8) extend your Island with 100 Dirt
9) dig 100 Stone with a Mese Pickaxe
10) create an Infinite Water Source

Level 2

A View From Above
Wow, look at that view... of... nothing. You should get to work extending this island.  Perhaps you could build some structures too?

1) extend your Island with 200 Dirt
2) build a structure using 200 Wood
3) build a structure using 200 Brick
4) add at least 200 Glass windows
5) make a desert with 200 Sand
6) also include 200 Desert Sand
7) build a tower with 200 Stone
8) make a path with 200 Cobblestone
9) also use 200 Mossy Cobblestone
10) decorate your area with 75 Steel Blocks

Level 3

Does This Keep Going?
If you like this planet, then stray not from your mission traveller, for the end is near.

1) dig 20 Papyrus
2) place 20 Papyrus in a nice garden
3) dig 15 Cactus
4) place 15 Cactus in another gargen
5) place 30 fences around your gardens
6) add 20 ladders to your structures
7) decorate your house with 5 Bookshelves
8) place 10 Signs to help other travellers
9) place 50 Torches to help you see at night
10) dig 500 Stone for your next project...

Ocean Mode

Inside config.lua you can set skyblock.MODE to either water or lava to create an endless ocean around your starting island.

Multi-Player Support

Although the default settings will work, you may want to consider the starting positions.

Each player is given a unique spawn position in an outwards spriral.

If skyblock.WORLD_WIDTH=5 then players will be assigned in the following positions:
(looking down)
x+5|  21  22  23  24  25
x+4|  20  07  08  09  10
x+3|  19  06  01  02  11
x+2|  18  05  04  03  12
   |                        <-- The distance between the players is
x+1|  17  16  15  14  13        defined by skyblock.START_GAP
     z+1 z+2 z+3 z+4 z+5

Your world will be limited to skyblock.WORLD_WIDTH*skyblock.WORLD_WIDTH players.

Downloads and Links


PilzAdam - code to make a tree came from his farming mod
RealBadAngel - help in IRC to make the spiral