Corner Cupboard Thrift Store 504 Xenia Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45410 Phone 937.252.5491

  •       Hours:   Monday through Saturday    9:30AM to 3:45PM
  • Donations accepted during business hours.
  • Please call 937.252.5491 for donation pick-up.
  • Volunteer opportunities available.
The Corner Cupboard is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501c(3), nondenominational philanthropic charity founded by twenty-one Dayton women in 1960 to raise funds to support the mission of the Glenmary Sisters. They renovated a building at the corner of Wayne Avenue and Pierce Street in East Dayton and named their endeavor the Corner Cupboard Thrift Shop. That same year, the undertaking was incorporated as Corner Cupboard Charities of Greater Dayton, Inc. Two years later, in 1962 the shop was moved a short distance to 34 Pierce Street. June First 2015 we opened our Current store  at 504 Xenia Avenue 

In 1967 the Board of Corner Cupboard Charities, Inc. decided to refocus its mission and substantially broaden its philanthropic efforts. Today the Corner Cupboard Thrift Shop provides financial support for the missions of over 30 agencies and groups. 

Corner Cupboard volunteers contribute their skills and time on a flexible schedule to our Partners in Caring, each having various missions to provide hands-on care to the hungry, the homeless, the ill, the poor and troubled of the community. The beneficiaries of our efforts include, but are not limited to: Catholic Social Services, Daybreak, St. Vincent Hotel, Booth House, The House of Bread, Glenmary Sisters, Greene County Domestic Violence, Suicide Prevention of Southwest Ohio, Gospel Mission, Womanline counseling, East Dayton Food Pantry, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Centerville,  and  ten  St. Vincent De Paul Councils.

The vast majority of our revenue comes from the sale of items in our store. We accept donations of virtually all manner of usable adult and children’s clothing, small household furnishings, kitchenware, toys, jewelry, and books. Donations are organized, sorted, and then offered for sale at exceptionally modest prices. All income, after utility and normal maintenance expenses is distributed to our Partners in Caring in the form of grants/gifts. Lifetime donations through 2015 equal $2,966,685 – a fact that makes us extremely proud!

504 Xenia Ave

Joseph Carmelina-Klosterman,
Dec 7, 2015, 1:29 PM
Joseph Carmelina-Klosterman,
Dec 7, 2015, 1:29 PM