What You Can Do!

What You Can Do

One of the goals of the Sustainability Hub is to help create individual change. Below are some tips and links to help you figure out how to do your part to make Cornell greener!

At Home:
Water- Shorten Showers. Every minute less could save over 2 gallons of water!
           Turn off the tap when not using water, such as brushing teeth, scrubbing dishes, etc.
           Consolidate laundry to maximize the clothes washed by each load

Electricity- Turn off lights when not in use. Most lights when turned off/on only draw equivalent power to being
                           on for seconds or less! If you leave the room at all, hit the switch to save!
                  Turn computer to power saver settings and put it in sleep mode when not being used.
                  Unplug appliances not in use, such as printers and phone chargers. These draw power even when idle!
                  Dry clothes by hanging them or using a drying rack. Dryers draw large amounts of power, and a $20
                             drying rack could pay for itself in a year from saved loads!

Heat/AC- Turn the heat/ac down when away (heat ~60 F, AC ~75 F). Every degree on the thermostat makes a
                            large difference in energy use.

Out and About:
Bike, walk, or take the bus when possible. If driving is necessary, try carpooling and doing all
                                  your errands in one trip.

Purchasing- Try to buy items produced locally and in as little packaging as possible. Instead of buying bottled
                            water, buy a reusable bottle, it will save plastic and money!

Waste- Most Cornell buildings have recycling, and more and more are getting compost bins. When you have to
                      get rid of something, read each bin to see if it is the appropriate one.

Further Information:
For more information about what you can do to live more sustainably, follow the following links:

          Learn about Cornell's Climate Action and how you can be a part!
          Find out how to reduce the energy use of where you live, what you drive, and more!
          Whether on or off campus, find out how to do laundry while saving the most energy and water
          Lights Off! Cornell is a quick and easy way to make an immediate impact on campus. See their website to
          learn more!