Take Back the Tap

World Water Month 2010- Take Back the Tap

Take Back the Tap– is an initiative of the Sustainability Hub to reduce the supply and demand of bottled water on campus.  The "Take Back the Tap" Campaign recognizes that the access to clean water is a fundamental human right and that water is a vital natural resource which should not be commodified and sold for exorbitant profits. As such, we are committed to illuminating the fallacies of bottled water's superior quality over tap water and to highlighting the environmental implications associated with the reliance upon petroleum-based products, the fossil fuels needed to transport water, the inefficiencies of recycling, and overall, the systemic problem of a cradle-to-grave mentality. 
"Take Back the Tap" is also committed to illuminating the challenges that the bottled water industry poses for sustainability in terms of the environmental implications of pumping groundwater beyond a sustainable rate.  Moreover, we are opposed to the subsequent erosion in citizens' faith in municipal water supplies that results from the reliance upon bottled water.  Therefore, we are focused on continuing dialogue to reconsider the sale of bottled water at Cornell, as a part of the university's commitment to sustainability and climate justice. In addition, we support the increased availability of tap water on campus, and ultimately, call for a ban in the sale of bottled water at Cornell University. 
Highlights from 2009-2010:
  • Met with Marcela Olivera, the Bolivian water rights activist featured in the film “FLOW: For Love of Water” about water privatization
  • Met with the NY organizer for the Food & Water Watch, a national non-profit
  • Film screening of "Blue Gold: World Water Wars" in October 2009
  • Panel Discussion titled "Water Privatization and the Battle for Water Resources: Challenges for Sustainability" in November 2009
  • Organized “World Water Month” events in honor of U.N. World Water Day, which is held every March 22nd
  • Presentation and Dinner on Global Water Crisis with Professor Rebecca Schneider in conjunction with the Cornell Global Development Club in March 2010
  • Film screening of "Tapped" in March 2010
  • Created World Water Month Display, which included posters and bottled water tree sculpture in Mann Library in March 2010
  • Organized tour of the Cornell Water Filtration Plant led by Chris Bordlemay, the Plant Manager, along with the Hasbrouck Recycling Team in March 2010
  • Film screening of "Addicted to Plastic" in April 2010 with Roots and Shoots
  • Helped organize Tap Water Challenge at Hasbrouck Earth Day Movie Marathon: Global Water Issues, in which “Thirst,” “Blue Gold,” and “FLOW: For Love of Water” were screened