Sustainability Leadership Training

Student Sustainability Leadership Summit- Fall 2009

Sustainability Leadership Training- Held Student Sustainability Leadership Summit and follow up conference with various student leaders in Fall 2009. 
Contact: Christina Copeland <>  
Highlights from 2009-2010:
  • The Sustainability Hub organized the Student Sustainability Leadership Summit in September 2009, which was a networking event for student leaders of a variety of communities (sports, Greek, student organizations, religious groups). The purpose of this conference was to set goals for individuals and the organizations that they represent to become more sustainable.  Officers from student sustainability clubs gave short presentations about their projects and Dominic Frongillo, local representative for the Town of Caroline, spoke about student activism.  Hub members sat at each table, to facilitate discussion and helped brainstorm ideas for the participating clubs.   Students put their sustainability goals on a seven-foot tall, self-standing wooden paw-print puzzle. The puzzle represents the “carbon paw-print” of the University.
  • A follow up to the Student Summit was held in November 2009 at Big Red Barn.  It featured Jeff Bercuvitz, the president of the Center for Leadership Innovation and Community (CLIC), who specializes in creating excitement in non-profits.  The focus of the meeting was to help leaders of student groups — both sustainability-minded and non-sustainability oriented — brainstorm ways to boost awareness about environmental issues on campus.