Collegetown ART

Collegetown ART (Art, Recycling, and Trashcans)- a waste reduction initiative to clean-up and beautify streets in the Collegetown area.  By replacing the trash and recycling cans in Collegetown and holding an art contest to decorate them, we hope to:
  • Reduce the amount of litter on the streets by providing conspicuous disposal locations
  • Decrease the amount of waste going to landfill by providing clearly labeled recycling receptacles
  • Educate people on how, why, and where to properly recycle
  • Beautifythe streets with brightly-colored urban artwork
  • Foster a sense of community among students and long-term residents in Collegetown
Students are working with Cornell departments, city officials, and local organizations to install new trash and recycling cans on College Ave. and Dryden Rd., and they hosted an art contest in April 2010 to decorate the cans.  Collegetown ART project leaders gave presentations to the Collegetown Neighborhood Council, the Board of Public Works, and the Public Art Commission for support with this project and received a grant from the Cornell Public Service Center to partially fund the trash cans.  Look for the new cans decorated with local artists' work on the streets this 2010 Fall semester, and stay tuned for a new education campaign directed at proper trash and recycling disposal!
Contact: Chelsea Clarke <>

Highlights from 2009-2010:

  • Organized public art contest to decorate the cans; local residents and students submitted artwork for the contest, in which a panel of judges selected 20 pieces for display
  • Sustainability Hub benefit concert for Collegetown ART in April 2010 at the Nines, with a local funk band, the Mutron Warriors, and a student band, the AwesomeAWESOMES
  • Secured permission from the city to install the cans and arrange pickups for four locations in Collegetown
  • Received a $2,000 grant from the Public Service Center to run the art contest
  • Raised $1,500 via a fundraiser with Kaplan Test Prep
  • Received a $400 sponsorship from the Cornell Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
  • Raised about $1,000 in individual donations, business donations, and the benefit concert
  • Received $1,500 grant from the national non-profit, Clean Air Cool Planet
  • Money raised to date is enough to support the installation of two pairs of cans this summer.   
  • Money for the remaining two locations (approximately $1,985) will be raised next fall, and the cans will be installed as funds become available.