Big Red Bikes

 Big Red Bikes- is a project to create a bike share system on campus, which was established by Sustainability Hub members in 2008 and has since become its own organization.  It is our mission to create a campus-wide bike sharing system that is accessible, affordable, and convenient for every Cornellian.  Students could check out a bike from various locations, including Uris Library, Mann Library, Carpenter Library, the Veterinary Library, and Robert Purcell Community Center for a 24-hour period.  We believe that students who are exposed to an environmentally sustainable transport system during their collegiate years will be more likely to expect and demand sustsainable systems of all kinds in the future.  The Cornell community itself is expansive, and a bike share program would serve to spatially interconnect the student body- bringing diverse academic disciplines closer together on campus.  By generating greater freedom of choice and mobility at Cornell, our organization hopes to actively foster the attitude that living a sustainable lifestyle can be simple, inexpensive, and ultimately rewarding. For more information, visit our website at!
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