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Check out photos from "Sustainability Month 2010"!
In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, the Sustainability Hub collaborated with various academic departments and student organizations at Cornell to create a month-long series of sustainability events in April 2010.

Sustainability Month and Earth Day 2010

The Sustainability Hub organized Campus Sustainability Day and participated in the International Day of Climate Action at Cornell.  350 is a national campaign to draw attention to the unsafe levels of CO2 that are accumulating in our atmosphere. We have currently surpassed the safe level (350 ppm) determined by NASA and are currently at about 390 ppm CO2 in our atmosphere. For more info, go to

350 Climate Action- Campus Sustainability Day- Fall 2009

The Sustainability Hub supports KyotoNOW! and their "FrackNO" Campaign against Marcellus Shale drilling.  Hub members spoke and participated in the "FrackNO" Rally on 12/1/09.

FrackNO! Rally on Ho Plaza- Fall 2009

Sustainability Hub events from 2007-2009!

Sustainability Hub 2007-2009