What is the Sustainability Hub?

*Attention: This is the website for the Sustainability Hub until Fall 2011. For current information, please visit http://cusustainabilityhub.wordpress.com. See you there!! 

The Sustainability Hub is a student organization with the mission of outreaching about campus sustainability, reducing Cornell University's environmental impact, and uniting other campus organizations to collaborate on different projects. 

If you're interested in learning about our projects for next semester or how to get involved in the Fall, come to our meeting on Monday, May 2nd!

Green Groupies Radio Show:
Sustainability Hub officers, K.C. Alvey and Sarita Upadhyay highlight current projects for Fall 2010 on the Slope Media's Green Groupies radio show in September. 

Learn more about our projects and how to get involved under "Affiliated Projects!" 

Have a suggestion for campus sustainability?

E-mail us at jj356@cornell.edu or vlk24@cornell.edu and let us know your idea! 
Stop by a Hub meeting!  Mondays in Plant Science G37 at 5:30PM.