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  • Thanksgiving Subheadings in this Post: The Glorious Peace and Grand Jubilee ;  Lady Anne’s Jewels ;  The Cabinet Room ;  Elizabeth’s Unhappiness ;  The Final Chapter -  Thanksgiving ... and Other Issues in Elizabeth: Mistress of Pemberley  • Prayer and Thanksgiving In Chapters 1 & 3 of Elizabeth we encounter a Thanksgiving. Some readers may think this strange in the England context, but there have been several such thanksgiving events in England, especially after momentous events in history. The Thanksgiving of 1814 was to give Prayers and Thanks to God for securing the Peace with France after Napoleon was defeated. However, we know that Napoleon escaped from exile at Elba, and not long after, that resulted in the Battle of Waterloo, during which he was finally defeated ...
    Posted 8 Mar 2016, 02:40 by Cornelis A. de Jong
  • Elizabeth Darcy • Who is Elizabeth Darcy? • In Defence of Elizabeth: Mistress of Pemberley  - This novel is about a very difficult year in Elizabeth’s life; a year that tests her character and her marriage. This, the third year in her marriage is fraught with uncertainty. She is not happy. But something saves her marriage and restores her happiness. That she is childless after more than two years is clearly not her fault: it is Darcy’s fault. It is in the genes: he has only one sibling, a sister twelve years younger than him; in truth, the Fitzwilliam clan in general are very short on offspring. Catherine de Bourgh is an only child and sickly. Not a good sign.      With each of ...
    Posted 10 Mar 2016, 13:00 by Cornelis A. de Jong
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  • Elizabeth - Mistress of Pemberley by Cornelis de Jong Elizabeth • Mistress of Pemberley  • Copyright © Cornelis de Jong, 2015  • ISBN/EAN 9789081547338  A liberal sequel to Pride and Prejudice  by Jane Austen - in fact, a re-imagining of My Brother ...
    Posted 6 May 2016, 04:41 by Cornelis A. de Jong
  • A Writer in the Making - A Novel by Cornelis de Jong • A Writer in the Making  • A Novel Currently out of print for a thorough revision.  • Copyright © Cornelis de Jong, 2012  • ISBN/EAN 9789081547307  A sequel to Jane Austen’s Sense ...
    Posted 25 Feb 2016, 02:13 by Cornelis A. de Jong
  • My Brother and I - A Novel by Cornelis de Jong • My Brother and I  • A Novel  • Copyright © Cornelis de Jong, 2010  • ISBN/EAN 9789081547321 A sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from the point of view of an ...
    Posted 13 Feb 2016, 02:46 by Cornelis A. de Jong
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