Youths Inter-League 79 to 93
Cork AUL Youths in the FAI inter-league championship




                        Manager - Denis Galvin


1st round:

Cork, 7/1/79

Cork AUL  4  Clare DL  0

Cork scorers:  Jamesie Corcoran (2), Dave Barry (2).

Cork team: ????????


2nd round:

Midleton, 4/2/79

Cork AUL  5  Waterford DL  1 (after extra time)

Cork scorers:  Barry (2),  Robbie O'Donoghue, Liam Murphy, and Corcoran.

Cork team:  Francis Lennox,  Pat Coleman, Finbarr Collins (captain), Noel Rea, Terence O'Donovan, David Barry, Seamus O'Leary, Richard Horgan, James Corcoran, Eddie O'Halloran, Liam Murphy.  Sub:  Robbie O'Donoghue.


3rd round:

Midleton 18/3/79

Cork AUL 3  Dublin AUL 1

Cork scorers:  O'Halloran, Murphy, and Corcoran.

Cork team:  Lennox, Coleman, Collins (c), Rea, O'Donovan, O'Halloran, Barry, Murphy, Corcoran, Horgan, and O'Donoghue.  Subs:  T. Kearns and O'Leary.



Stand-in manager:  Tony Fitzgerald

St Coleman's Park, Cobh 29/4/79

Cork AUL  0  Donegal  1

Cork team:  Lennox, Coleman, Collins (c), Rea, O'Donovan, O'Halloran, Murphy, Barry, Corcoran, Horgan, and O'Donoghue.  Subs used:  Kearns and P. Long.





















Manager:  Denis Galvin.

Selectors:  Mick Moriarty (Blackpool Celtic);  Noel Stokes (St Mary's);  John Delea (Rockmount); and Paddy Fitton (Ballincollig).


1st round:

Turners cross , 6/1/80

Cork AUL  4  Limerick DL  1

Cork scorers:  Mattie Murphy, Liam Murphy, Jamesie Corcoran, and Dave Barry.

Cork team:  F. Hogan, N. O'Driscoll, F. Begley, M. O'Keeffe, T. O'Donovan, M. Murphy, L. Murphy, D. Barry, J. Corcoran, K. Murphy, and P. Long.  Subs:  S. O'Sullivan and T. Kearns.


2nd round: 

Dublin 24.2.80

Dublin AUL  2  Cork AUL  2 (after extra time)

Cork scorers:  Corcoran, Kearns.

Cork team:  F. Hogan (Ballincollig),  N. O'Driscoll (Rockmount), F. Begley (Everton),  M. O'Keeffe (Rockmount), T. O'Donovan (Tramore Ath.), Mattie Murphy (do.), Liam Murphy (Wilton Utd), Dave Barry (Tramore Ath.),  J. Corcoran (Central Rvrs), T. Kearns (St Martin's), and K. Murphy (UCC Academicals).  Subs:  S. O'Sullivan (Casement Celtic) and P. Long (St Mary's).


Turners Cross 9/3/80

Cork AUL  2  Dublin AUL  1

Cork scorers:  Corcoran, Kearney.

Cork team:  Hogan, O'Sullivan, Begley, O'Keeffe, O'Donovan, L. Murphy, Barry, M. Murphy, Corcoran, Kearns, and K. Murphy.  Subs:  Long and Kearney.


3rd round:

Ballybofey 20/4/80

Donegal  2  Cork AUL  2 (after extra time)

Cork scorers:  Dave Barry,  Terry O'Donovan.

Cork team:  ??????????



Turners Cross 27/4/80

Cork AUL  1  Donegal  0

Cork scorer:  Dave Barry

Cork team:  Hogan, S. Madden (Tramore Ath.), Begley, O'Keeffe, O'Donovan, M. Murphy, Barry, L. Murphy, K. Kearney, K. Murphy, and T. Kearns.  Subs:  P. Long and D. O'Connor.





1979/80 continued:



Kilkenny 6/6/80

Kilkenny DL  1  Cork AUL  2 (after extra time)

Cork scorer:  Kearns (2)

Cork team:  Hogan, O'Sullivan, Begley, O'Keeffe, O'Donovan (c), Madden, M. Murphy, L. Murphy, Kearns, K. Murphy, and O'Connor.  Subs:  Long and Martin Lyons (Ringmahon Rangers).  Cork footballers called up Dave Barry.





Manager:  Denis Glavin

Selectors:  M. Moriarty, N. Stokes, P. Fitton, and J. Delea.


1st round:

Waterford 21/12/80

Waterford DL  2  Cork AUL  4  (after extra time)

Cork scorers:  Coade, O'Regan (pen.), O'Connor, and Fleming.

Cork team:  Finbarr Hogan (Ballincollig) captain;  Anthony Hogan (do.);  Mick O'Rourke (Tramore Ath.);  John Magee (Rockmount);  Paul Coomey (Ballincollig);  Patsy Freyne (Shandon View);  Tony Coade (Casement Celtic);  Paul Waters (Tramore Ath.);  David O'Connor (do.);  Kieran O'Regan (do.);  and Brian Fleming (do.).  Subs used:  Donal Hetherington (St Mary's) and Pat Healy (Glasheen).



2nd round:

AUL Park 1/3/81

Cork AUL  1  Limerick DL  3

Cork scorer:  Fleming;  Limerick scorer:  Tommy Gaynor

Cork team:  F. Hogan, A. Hogan, O'Rourke, Hetherington, Coomey, Freyne, Coade, Healy, O'Connor, O'Regan, and Fleming.  Subs used:  Waters and Denis Keane (Rockmount).

Reserves:  Timmy Kelly (St Mary's);  Peter Devlin (Springfield);  and Magee.






Selectors:  J. Delea, P. Fitton, N. Stokes, and M. Moriarty.


1st round:

Ennis 1/1/82

Clare DL  0  Cork AUL  1

Cork scorer:  O'Connor.

Cork team:  Anthony Harte (Ringmahon Rangers);  Kenneth Coomey (Ballincollig);  Aidan Hartnett (Tramore Ath.);  Christy Herlihy (St Mary's);  Alan Murphy (Tramore Ath.);  Pat Healy (Glasheen);  Robert O'Donovan (Castleview);  Austin Ricken (Rockmount);  David O'Connor (Tramore Ath.);  Kieran O'Regan (do.) captain, Micky O'Sullivan.  Subs:  Don O'Sullivan (Rockmount) and Gerard Bickerstaffe (Tramore Ath.).  Reserves:  Cormac Harrington (Ringmahon Rangers) and Eddie Hennebry (Tramore Ath.).


2nd round:

Rockmount Park, Kilcully 7/3/82

Cork AUL  2  Waterford DL  3

Cork scorers:  O'Connor, O'Sullivan.

Cork team:  Hennebry,  M. Lynam (Ballyvolane), Herlihy, Murphy, Hartnett, Ricken, Harrington, O'Regan (c), O'Donovan, O'Connor, and O'Sullivan.  Sub:  Alan Twohig (St Mary's).





Manager:  Jackie Morley


1st round:

Turners Cross 21/11/82

Cork AUL  8  Clare  3

Cork scorers:  Pat Morley,  Micky O'Sullivan (2, 1 pen.), Coleman Mulcahy,  Tony Neiland (2), Johnny O'Halloran, and an o.g.

Cork team:  Mark O'Connell (Wilton Utd), Kevin Dorgan (do.), Martin O'Callaghan (Tramore Ath.),  Eoin O'Sullivan (Springfield), Aidan Hartnett (Tramore Ath.), Coleman Mulcahy (Midleton), Pat Morley (Wilton Utd) captain, Alan Twohig (St Mary's), Tony Neiland (Tramore Ath.),  Johnny O'Halloran (Springfield), and Mick O'Sullivan (Tramore Ath.).


2nd round:

Turners cross 19/12/82

Cork AUL  1  Limerick DL  0

Cork scorer:  Neiland.

Cork team:  O'Connell,  Clement Whelan (Crofton Celtic), E. O'Sullivan, O'Callaghan, Hartnett, Mulcahy, Neiland, Morley (c), O'Halloran, Twohig, and M. O'Sullivan.  Subs used:  Sean McMahon (Glasheen).  Reserves:  Frank Murphy (Grattan Utd),  David Twomey (St Mary's),  Declan Merritt (Rockmount);  and Dorgan.


3rd round:

Waterford 13/2/82

Waterford DL  0  Cork AUL  2

Cork scorers:  Neiland, M. O'Sullivan

Cork team:  McMahon, Hartnett, O'Callaghan, E. O'Sullivan, Whelan, Twohig, Mulcahy, Morley (c), M. O'Sullivan, O'Halloran, and Neiland. Subs used:  Twomey and Merritt.



Dublin 27/3/83

Dublin Schoolboys League  3  Cork AUL  1

Cork scorer:  Morley

Cork team;  McMahon,  Hartnett, O'Callaghan, E. O'Sullivan, Whelan, Twohig, Mulcahy, Morley, Neiland, O'Halloran, and M. O'Sullivan.  Subs used:  Murphy and Merritt.  Other reserves:  Twomey, Dorgan, and O'Connell.





Manager - Eddie Sheehan


1st round:

a bye


2nd round:

Rathkeale 12/2/84

Desmond League  0  Cork AUL  3

Cork scorers:  John Keane, Aidan Berry, and Paul Bowdren.

Cork team:  D. Mulvihill (Crofton Celtic);  N. O'Leary (Casement Celtic);  A. Dennehy (St Mary's);  A. Morley (Crofton Celtic);  A. Berry (Midleton);  B. Mulcahy (do.);  P. Bowdren (Casement Celtic);  I. Hennessy (Rockmount);  J. Keane (Everton);  J. Sweeney (Everton) captain;  and R. Towler (Casement Celtic).  Subs:  J. Galway (Crofton Celtic) and K. Farrell (Passage)



3rd round: 

Limerick 1/4/84

Limerick DL  0  Cork AUL  2

Cork scorers:  Bowdren, Twomey.

Cork team:  Mulvihill, O'Leary, Dennehy, Morley, Alan Twomey (Everton), Mulcahy, Bowdren, Hennessy, Keane, Sweeney (c), and Towler. Subs: Galway and D. Rasmussen (Springfield).


4th round (semi-final):

Flower Lodge 22/4/84

Cork AUL  0  Kilkenny  4

Cork team:  Mulvihill, O'Leary, Dennehy, Morley, Twomey, Mulcahy, Bowdren, Hennessy, Keane, Sweeney, and Towler.






Manager:  John Murphy (Springfield)



1st round:

Ovens 18/11/84

Cork AUL  5  Kerry DL  1

Cork scorers:  Liam Hourigan (2), Paul Bowdren, Alan Twomey, and Tony Dorgan.

Cork team:  Eric Barrett (Everton),  Anthony Dennehy (St Mary's), Steve Bruton (Springfield), Barry Mulcahy (do.),  Declan Rasmussen (do.) captain, Alan Twomey (Everton), Tony Dorgan (Tramore Ath.), Brendan Lane (Springfield), Paul Bowdren (Casement Celtic), Aidan Berry (St John Bosco's), and Liam Hourigan (Rockmount).   Subs used:  Michael Ireland (Springfield) and John Keane (Rockmount).   Reserves:  Fergal Simpson (Ballinlough Rvrs), Noel O'Leary (Casement Celtic), and Brian Sisk (St. Mary's).


2nd round:

Rockmount Park 10.2.85

Cork AUL  2  Limerick DL  1

Cork scorers:  Bowdren, Hourigan.

Cork team:  Sisk, Dennehy, Bruton, Mulcahy, Jim Raleigh (Ringmahon Rangers), Twomey, Dorgan, Lane, Bowdren (c), Hourigan, and Berry.  Sub:  Simpson.  Reserves:  Ireland, Keane, O'Leary, and O'Connor (Ballinlough Rvrs).


3rd round (semi-final):

Dublin 14/4/85

Dublin Schoolboys League  3   Cork AUL   2 (a.e.t.)

Cork scorers:  Twomey, Hourigan.

Cork team:  Sisk, Dennehy, Mulcahy, Rasmussen, Bruton, Dorgan, Berry, Ireland, Twomey, Hourigan, and Bowdren.  Sub:  Jimmy Hally (Springfield).  Reserves:  Raleigh, Simpson, O'Connor, and O'Leary.





Manager  -  John Murphy (Springfield)


1st round:

Turner's Cross 1/12/85

Cork AUL   5   South Tipperary   1

Cork scorers:  Fitzgerald (2), Ireland (2), and Long.

Cork team:  Maye (Tramore Ath.), Quinlan (Springfield), Thompson (St Mary's), O'Brien (Midleton), O'Riordan (St Mary's), Mullins (do.), O'Regan (Casement Celtic), Long (St Mary's), Ireland (Springfield) captain, Fitzgerald (Casement Celtic), and Morgan (Midleton).   Subs:  McCarthy (Greenwood) and O'Mahony (Rockmount).


2nd round:

Limerick 12/1/86

Limerick DL  0   Cork AUL   1

Cork scorer:  R. Fitzgerald

Cork team:  Quinn (Wilton Utd),  O'Mahony, Buckley (Everton), O'Brien, Fitzgerald, O'Riordan, Long, Morgan, Mullins, Ireland (c), and Quinlan.  Subs:  O'Regan and Gosnell (Ringmahon Rangers).


3rd round:

St Coleman's Park 9/3/86

Cork AUL   2   Waterford  2  (Waterford won on pens.)

Cork scorers:  Ireland, O'Connor.

Cork team:  Quinn, O'Mahony, O'Regan, O'Riordan, O'Brien, Fitzgerald, Morgan, O'Connor, Long, Ireland (c), and Quinlan.  Sub:  McCarthy.






Manager:  Pat McCarthy (Tramore Ath.)



1st round:

a bye


2nd round:

Rathkeale 11/1/87

Desmond League  0  Cork AUL  1

Scorer:  Ollie Nagle

Cork team:  Pat O'Sullivan (Greenwood),  Paul Kelleher (Casement Celtic),  Stephen Forde (Midleton), Ger Long (St Mary's), John Kelleher (Tramore Ath.), Fergus O'Donoghue (Tramore Ath.), Eamonn Murphy (do.), Frank Fitzgerald (Casement Celtic),  Anthony O'Connor (do.) captain, Ollie Nagle (Tramore Ath.), and Peter Drummond (Greenwood).


3rd round:

St Mary's Pk, Kilcully, 29/3/87

Cork AUL  0  Limerick DL   4

Cork team:  Lynch (Cobh Ramblers), P. Kelleher (Casement Celtic), Forde, Aidan Moloney (St Mary's), Long, Murphy (c), O'Donoghue, Fitzgerald, O'Rourke (Cobh Ramblers), Nagle, and Drummond.  Subs;  K. Quinn (St Mary's) and A. O'Connor (Tramore Ath.).





Managers:  Denis Murphy (Albert Rovers) and James Wilson (Casement Celtic).


1st round:

The Farm 29/11/87

Cork AUL  6  Desmond League  1

Cork scorers:  O. Nagle (3), A. O'Connor (2), and F. Fitzgerald.

Cork team:  Aidan Cawley (Tramore Ath.),  Liam Dawson (Casement Celtic),  John Kelleher (Tramore Ath.), Fergus O'Donoghue (Tramore Ath.) captain, Ray Clifford (Tramore Ath.),  Kenneth Quinn (St Mary's), Frank Fitzgerald (Casement Celtic), Anthony Kenneally (Albert Rovers),  Colin Banks (do.),  Austin O'Connor (Tramore Ath.), and Ollie Nagle (do.).  Subs:  Derek O'Sullivan (Casement Celtic) and Ger Long (St Mary's).


2nd round: 

St Mary's Park, Kilcully 17/1/88

Cork AUL  2  Kerry DL  1

Cork scorers:  O. Nagle and A. O'Connor.

Cork team:  Cawley, Dawson, Kelleher, O'Donoghue (c), Clifford, Quinn, Fitzgerald, Kenneally, Banks, O'Connor, and Nagle.  Subs: O'Sullivan and Long.


3rd round:

a bye


4th round:

Dublin 24/4/88

Dublin Schoolboys League  0  Cork AUL  1 (a.e.t.)

Cork scorer:  F. Fitzgerald

Cork team:  Vincent Hegarty (Albert Rvrs, stopped penalty in extra time), L. Dawson, Conor Crowley (Glasheen), F. O'Donoghue (c), R. Clifford, K. Quinn, F. Fitzgerald, A. Kenneally, C. Banks, A. O'Connor, and O. Nagle.  Subs:  S. Neiland and G. Long.



Turner's Cross 29/5/88

Cork AUL  2  Dublin AUL  0

Cork scorers:  Banks, Nagle.

Cork team: Hegarty, Neiland, Dawson, O'Donoghue (c), Kelleher, Quinn, Fitzgerald, Kenneally, Banks, O'Connor, Nagle. Subs:  Long, O'Sullivan.








Managers: Denis Murphy (Albert Rvrs) and James Wilson (Casement Celtic)


1st round: 

St Mary's Park 27/11/88

Cork AUL  1  Waterford DL  0

Cork scorer:  Brian O'Sullivan.

Cork team:  Pat Walsh (Cobh Ramblers), Jason Lynch (Rockmount), Kieran Bowdren (Casement Celtic), Damien Martin (Rockmount), Ger Long (Casement Celtic) captain, Anthony Kenneally (Albert Rvrs), Colin Clancy (Carrigaline Utd), Trevor Bennett (St Mary's), John O'Rourke (Cobh Ramblers), Brian O'Sullivan (do.), Eric Hogan (Rockmount).  Subs:  Ivan Swan (Casement Celtic) and David Moynihan (Tramore Ath.).


2nd round:

St Mary's Park 8/1/89

Cork AUL  4  Kerry DL  1

Cork scorers:  Eric Hogan (3), O'Sullivan.

Cork team:  Walsh, Lynch, Bowdren, Martin, Long (c), Kenneally, Clancy, Bennett, O'Rourke, O'Sullivan, Hogan.  Subs used:  Roy Keane (Rockmount) and Swan.


3rd round: 

Priory Park, Limerick, 5/2/89

Limerick DL  3  Cork AUL 2

Cork scorers:  Bowdren, Kenneally.

Cork team:  Walsh, Lynch, Bowdren, Martin, Long (c), Kenneally, Clancy, Jamie Culliemore (Cobh Ramblers), Leonard Downey (Rockmount), O'Sullivan, and Hogan. Subs:  Bennett and Declan Fagan (Casement Celtic).







Manager:  James Wilson;  assistant:  Tony O'Leary.


1st round:

Tralee 3/12/89

Kerry DL  0  Cork AUL  2

Scorers;  Mick O'Connor, Paul Coughlan.

Cork team:  McTernan (Casement Celtic), Murray (do.), Healy (Wilton Utd), Fagan (Casement Celtic) captain, O'Connor (Douglas Hall), Haly (Wilton Utd), Buckley (do.), Giltinan (do.), Martin (Casement Celtic), Swan (do.), and Coughlan (Passage).  Subs used (both 2nd half):  Sisk (Casement) for Haly and Dennehy (Wilton) for Swan.


2nd round: 

Rockmount Park 7/1/90

Cork AUL  4  Waterford DL  1

Cork scorers:  Mick O'Connor, Phillip Martin (2), and Paul Coughlan.  Waterford scorer: John Wise.

Cork:  McTernan, Murray, Healy, Giltinan, O'Connor, Buckley, Fagan, Haly, Martin, T. O'Keeffe (Casement Celtic), and P. Coughlan. Subs used:  Swan (for Haly 63rd m.) and P, Neilon of Coachford (for Coughlan injured 85th m.)


3rd round:

St Coleman's Park, 24/2/1990

MSL  2  Cork AUL  1

Cork scorer:  Paul Coughlan.

Cork team:  McTernan, J. Murray, Healy, Giltinan, O'Connor, Buckley, Fagan, Haly, O'Keeffe, Darren Barry (Wilton Utd), and Coughlan.  Sub:  Swan for O'Connor (injured late second half).  Other reserves:  Neilon, Leahy (Passage), Dennehy (Wilton), and Stephen O'Shea (St John Bosco's).

Due to unavoidable absence of Wilson, assistant manager Tony O'Leary was in charge in Cobh.








Manager: James Wilson;  assistant:  Tony O'Leary.


1st round:

St Coleman's Park, 2/12/90

MSL   2  Cork AUL  1

Scorer:  Jason Murphy.

Cork team:  B. Long (Casement Celtic),  D. Walsh (do.), L. O'Halloran (do.), F. Giltinan (Wilton Utd), M. O'Connor (Douglas Hall), M. Dennehy (Wilton Utd), J. Murphy (do.), A. Buckley (do.) captain, R. McSorley (Douglas Hall), P. Martin (Casement Celtic), and P. Nagle (do.).  Subs used:  T. O'Brien (Casement Celtic) and P. Haly (Wilton Utd).  Other reserves:  J. Cullinane (Bandon),  A. Kenneally (Mayfield Utd), and D. McCarthy (Brooklodge Utd).








Manager:  John Murphy (Passage);  assistant:  Harry Peglar (Rockmount).


1st round:

Rockmount Park 8/12/91

Cork AUL  2  Clare DL  1

Cork scorers:  Shane O'Halloran and Ken Touhy.

Cork team:  S. Kiely (Rockmount), P. Hogan (Rockmount) captain, P. McCarthy (Tramore Ath.), D. McAuliffe (Rockmount), I. O'Connor (do.), J. Hurley (do.), K. Touhy (do.), B. Murphy (Passage), S. O'Halloran (Rockmount), T. Dalton (do.),  S. Kennedy (Casement Celtic).  Sub used:  K. O'Connor (Kilreen Celtic).



2nd round:

Ozier Park, Waterford 19/1/92

Waterford DL  3  Cork AUL  0

Cork AUL:  C. Sheehan (Mallow Celtic), I. O'Connor, McCarthy, Hogan, McAuliffe, Touhy, Murphy, Hurley, A. Whitty (Passage), Dalton, and K. O'Connor.  Subs used:  F. Buckley (Rockmount) and T. Looney (Kilreen Celtic).




Manager:  John Murphy (Passage);  assistant: Harry Peglar (Rockmount).


1st round

Limerick, 22/11/92

Limerick District League  3  Cork AUL  0.

Cork AUL:  Noel Cantwell (Rockmount);  John Busteed (do.); Paul McCarthy (Tramore Ath.);  Conor O'Driscoll (Rockmount);  Denis McAuliffe (do.);  Philip Hogan (do.) captain;  Conor Fitzgerald (Casement Celtic);  Norman Forsyth (Leeds);  John Hurley (Rockmount);  Kieran O'Connor (do.);  and Kenneth Trindles (Castleview).   Subs used:  Shane O'Leary (Ballincollig) for Fitzgerald 55 mins. and Sidney Kennedy (Casement Celtic) for Hurley 70 mins.  Other reserves:  Paul Hurley (Leeds);  John Meighan (Douglas Hall); Gavin O'Connor (Castleview).