Seaming Corian®

Joining two pieces of Corian®. For making large pieces.

Note: If you are going to build a reveal (thicker edge) on the finished pieces it is best to do this before joining them.  In this way you will be preparing the joint at the reveal at the same time.  Instructions below.
Note:  Do not cut Corian® faster than 30” per minute.  This has several advantages which I will not go into here.
  1. Cut a 2” wide strip the length of the joint.  This will be used as a strengthening scab on the bottom.

  2. Sand the bottom of the pieces at the joint to remove mold release agent.  Wipe the sanded area with alcohol.

  3. Mirror Cut: Clamp the two pieces 7/16” apart and parallel.  Apply a fence to one of the pieces to guide a 1/2” straight router bit directly between the pieces.  This will remove 1/32” from each side simultaneously.  

  4. Draw the pieces together and evaluate the joint.  If there are any gaps, go back to step 3.

  5. Once the joint appears tight, use a file to chamfer the bottom of each side of the joint about 1/32”.  This is to allow a space for excess glue.

  6. Clamp half the width of the scab to the bottom of one side of the joint.

  7. Apply about 1 drop per inch of Art Specialties International Super Thin CA to the chamfered area.  The adhesive will wick under and across the joint.

  8. Wait a minimum of 1 hour.  Full bond will take 24 hours undisturbed.  Any sudden impact will stop the strengthening of the joint.

  9. Clean the visible area of the scab to remove any glue residue.

  10. Bring in the second piece.  Clamp across the joint and adjust until flush and aligned.    

    • You can apply pairs of wooden blocks, for clamping, to the Corian®. with hot melt glue.

    • Apply the hot melt glue to the wood first.  About a half dollar sized blob is good.  Then apply to the Corian® about 1 inch away from the joint to allow for working space.

    • Later the blocks can be removed by prying off with a wood chisel.  A few drops of alcohol can help.

  11. Apply Art Specialties International Super Thin CA to the joint in a thin line. The adhesive will wick into and across the joint.

  12. After 24 hours, hand sand with 220 grit sand paper.  Sand off the excess adhesive.  Then continue to sand down until the seam looks good.

  13. Then sand with 400 grit sand paper to achieve a satin finish.  Buff out with a gray Scotch-Brite®.  You can use a random orbital sander for the buffing.

To lay up the Reveal:

  1. For a 1.5” Reveal: Cut two strips to go underneath the top these will be laid flat to the underside.

  2. Sand, to remove mold release agent, all surfaces to be glued.  

  3. Lay up the cut pieces slightly offset.  This will allow a place to apply the glue so it can wick in.  Both pieces can be clamped up at the same time.

  4. Clamp so there are no gaps.   

  5. Apply the adhesive and allow 24 hours for full strength.

  6. Trim and route your finished edge.

  7. Sand and buff as with the joint.

Follow all other information in the booklet “How to work with Corian® in the Home Workshop” with reference to my notes to same.