We carry only the finest adhesives for Corian®
 Art Specialties Wicking CA
Our favorite adhesive is a 99% pure industrial quality Cyanoacrylate with an added surfactant. This means that it will wick into the joint through capillary action.
It is a different world when you can clamp your joints dry, take all the time you want to align the parts then apply the adhesive. In 24 hours you will usually break the parts before the joint.
We developed this product from a formula that the aircraft industry uses to bond metals together when welding is not advisable.
This can be used with wood, CORIAN, glass, steel, china, and many other materials.
Cost: $15 (USD) plus shipping
20gm applicator (enough for about 500 inches of seam).
It has a shelf life of 1 year.
 Genuine DuPont Seam Adhesive
This is the same adhesive that fabricators use to install counter tops.
We have it in three tints: White, Dawn Beige, and Pearl Gray
For most craft or furniture applications this would only be needed with the Genises and Venaro families of CORIAN. Not made to fill chips!
Cost: $7 (USD)
0.5 oz. of two part epoxy (one time use).
This amount is sufficient for 40 to 60 inches of 1/8" bead (typical 1/2" seam).
Larger tubes and guns available on special order.
 Art Specialties Tinted Wicking CA
This is the same high quality Cyanacrylate with a neutral tint added. This will diffuse the hint of a seam you may get with clear adhesive in solid light colors. The tint is added the day it is shipped because it shortens shelf life.
Cost: $18 (USD) plus shipping
20gm applicator bottle (enough for about 500 inches of seam).
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