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Corian® is not just for counter tops.  It has been used for fine art, signs, even skid plates for Formula 1 race cars and everything in between.  You may want to replace a window sill. Maybe you have a crack in your counter or sink.  Do you want to reuse an old counter top? Whatever your Corian®use or question we can help you. Check out the navigation bar to the left for the use you are looking for. You can always contact me with questions. (see below)

We custom fabricate sign, plaque blanks and other products.  We will provide finished signs and plaques as well.  Call for quotes.

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Art Specialties International, Inc is celebrating 17 years as the only DuPont recognized source of Corian® outside of the counter top industry.
Picture of Parrot Dye Sublimated into Corian®

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"How to work with Corian®" by DuPont Click here for the Manual
Notes on the Manual by Ken Dolph
Click here for My Notes

We often get questions on seaming CORIAN® and reusing counter tops.  We have included a page on doing this with specific instructions.  Click here for Seaming Corian®

Click here for Examples of CORIAN® art
Sculptures by Becky Babb
This sculpture by Becky Babb is back lit showing the translucence of Corian
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