About Cór Gaeilge

Cór Gaeilge Texais performs traditional songs in Scottish Gaelic and Irish (Gaidhlig no Gaeilge). Established in 1997, the group regularly appears at festivals in Texas and the surrounding region. The repertoire explores all aspects of life from church to tavern, dandling babies to rousing marches, love songs to work songs, and dances to dirges.
In addition to performing, the group also teaches, locally and at festivals, as an important element in maintaining interest in the ancient linguistic and musical heritage of the Gaels.
As none are native speakers, the members Cór Gaeilge are constantly honing their individual language and musical skills. Dedicated to learning and sharing songs in Gaelic, the Cór is constantly on the lookout for materials, workshops, and new friends interested in maintaining their heritage.
Take a musical tour of old Ireland and Scotland - the smooth sound of sean nós (old style) singing will put you down at the local pub without ever leaving your armchair. Songs include:
  • Fraoch a Ronaigh
  • Bean Phaidín
  • O Boro Braindí Braindí
  • Puirt-a-beul: Fosgail an Dorus / Sheatadh Cailleach / Faca Tu Saor / Fionnghula
  • Cad É Sin Do 'n Té Sin
  • Bonaparte
  • Siúil a Rún
  • Mó Ghile Mear
  • Thugamar Féin
  • Molly na gCuach
  • An Mhaighdean Mhara
  • Sí Do Mhaimeo Í
  • O Hi Ri Lean
  • Péigín Leitir Mór
  • Tha Mulad (Maighread na Cuiread)
  • Aililiú na Gamhna
  • Níl Se Na Lá
  • Chan Eil Mo Leannan
  • Moll Dùbh A Ghleanna
  • Téir Abhaile Riú
Upcoming Appearances
Cor Gaeilge Texais is:
  • Denice Sweeney
  • Jonquele Jones
  • Marie Paddock
  • Michelle Kelleher
  • Vicki Morris
Cor Gaeilge practices on 1st, 3rd, & 5th (when the month has one) Monday evenings in Irving, Texas from 7:30 - 9 pm. Contact Jonquele Jones, at jonquele@flash.net for information on visiting / joining.
Cor Gaeilge Texais is incorporated in Texas as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational corporation.