Corey Satten's Transition Homepage 


I am currently employed and no longer looking for work.  The text below is for reference only.

Due to lack of funds, the Security Solutions Team at the University of Washington was abruptly eliminated on May 20, 2008 and I was laid off (along with 65 others throughout "UW Technology" ).

If you might benefit from my 36 years of software engineering experience, here is my on-line resume and a 20-second summary of just my most recent work:

I found or wrote innovative software for Linux (or Unix).  Often I quickly composed solutions from existing pieces, such as by scripting (one of my specialties).  Most recently I worked on security tools and did some ground-breaking work, such as writing Gulp which achieves lossless gigabit remote packet capture to disk with unmodified linux on commodity hardware.  This lets UW investigate network or security problems on most campus subnets without having to physically connect to a remote network.  I also developed a departmental-scale "Logical Firewall" which works without re-wiring, can be physically located anywhere on a subnet, has a web-based rule-generator, uses an ordinary PC with just one network interface and is easily setup and managed (no hard-drive installation is required because it boots and runs from a CDROM). 

I'm looking for an opportunity to continue to find innovative solutions to interesting and challenging problems.
  Please see my on-line resume for a more complete and representative summary of my work.

While I'm in transition, my published work is still available on my Universtiy of Washington Homepage or Corey Satten's New Homepage. There you will find, among other things:

  1. Lossless Gigabit Packet Capture with Stock Linux on modest/ordinary PC hardware 
  2. The NDC Logical Firewall - (a free firewall which needs no re-wiring and boots/runs from CDROM)
  3. Scanning Documents with a Digital Camera and Scanning Photographs with a Fax Machine
  4. A Variety of Scripts and Tools 
  5. Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Camera
  6. A Brief Introduction to Unix 
  7. More, see for yourself.

You will not (yet) find my photography online. When I have time, I'll find a home for it. Meanwhile, here is one of my pictures (a stitched panorama, nicely printable 30 inches wide).

 Photo Copyright 2006, all rights reserved.