Corey A. Shank

Assistant Professor of Finance

Wright School of Business

Dalton State College


My primary research interests are in behavioral finance and experimental finance. I focus on determinants of financial behavior including core characteristics of individuals (like personality traits), peripheral physiological processes (such as hormonal activity), attributes related to differences in risk taking (such as health), and affective states (i.e. mood). Additionally I do research on market efficiency and empirical asset pricing.

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

The Physiology of Investment Biases: The Role of Testosterone and Cortisol with John Nofsinger & Fernando Patterson

Obesity, Health Habits, and Financial Decision Making with Fernando Patterson

The Decision Making of a Financial Psychopath with Brice Dupoyet, Robert Durand, & Fernando Patterson

NFL Betting Market Efficiency, Divisional Rivals, and Profitable Strategies


DEEP Sleep: The Impact of Sleep on Financial Risk Taking (with John Nofsinger)

Review of Financial Economics, 2019, 37: 92-105

NFL Betting Biases, Profitable Strategies and the Wisdom of the Crowd

International Journal of Sports Finance, 2019, 14(1): 3-12 (Lead Article)

Decision Making, Financial Risk Aversion, and Behavioral Biases: The Role of Testosterone and Stress (with John Nofsinger & Fernando Patterson)

Journal of Economics and Human Biology, 2018, 29: 1-16. (Lead Article)

Deconstructing the Corporate Psychopath: An Examination of Deceptive Behavior

Review of Behavioral Finance, 2018, 10: 163-182

Oil Prices Volatility or Direction: Which Matters More to Financial Markets? (with Brice Dupoyet)

Journal of Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, 2018, 32, 275-295.

Is the NFL Betting Market Still Inefficient?

Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018, 42(4): 818-827

Are US-Dollar-Hedged-ETF Investors Aggressive on Exchange Rates? A Panel VAR approach (with Andre Vianna)

Research in International Business and Finance, 2016, 38: 430-438.