The Core Protocols are 11 protocols and 11 commitments for team excellence.

You've reached the Core Protocols welcome page.  Whether you found out about the Core Protocols through a link, a friend, a colleague, or by pure coincidence, you are welcome here!  This page has been created by an online team of people from around the world, who have varying levels of experience using the Core Protocols.  What we all have in common is our interest in developing techniques for building great teams, and our desire to be part of a worldwide community of practice.

Core Wisdom of the Day:  

Don't add headcount. Make the heads you have, count.

Too much discussion and arguing?

Use the Decider Protocol to propel the team forward unanimously. [learn more]

Negativity got you down? 

The Perfection Game Protocol solves all problems associated with criticism. [learn more]

Do you notice people (including yourself) doing dumb things? 

The 11 Core Commitments provide a team constitution about commitment and accountability. [learn more]

The Personal Alignment Protocol encourages team members to have courage, integrity, passion, and other virtuous behaviors. [learn more]

Since 1996, Jim and Michele McCarthy have dedicated themselves to developing a recipe that would bring any team to a state of Shared Vision.  They have worked with thousands of individuals by creating a unique teamwork laboratory experience called McCarthy Boot Camp.  During traditional Boot Camp, participants have five days to complete an assignment as a team: "Design, implement, and deliver a course that teaches you everything you need to know to ship great products on time, every time."  The result of many, many boot camp experiences has been an emergent set of ingredients for successful teamwork called The Core Protocols.  Jim and Michele's shared vision was, and still is: All Live in Greatness.

The Core Protocols Today

The current version of the Core Protocols is v3.01 and can be downloaded here.  An active online community of people around the world, called the C4 Initiative, was kick started in January, 2009.  The C4 Initiative is now working on the next version of the Core Protocols (v4). It is being conducted as a continuous online boot camp led by certified Core Instructors including Jim and Michele.  The primary tool for online collaboration is group chat and email.  To join, no previous experience with the Core Protocols is necessary, and it's up to each individual how much they contribute.

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