New Classes Coming To CorePhysique March 7th!

Beginning March 7th, we are adding new classes into our schedule! These classes complement our popular FIIT Class and are included in the FIIT Unlimited price! Unbelievable!! And these classes are just the beginning! We plan to add more options as these programs grow in popularity!

Meet the Instructor: Becky Geisel 
Becky came to us after being highly recommended by a current member. We put her through agrueling interview/yoga session with some of our toughest critics. She passed with flying colors! We are so excited to have Becky part of the CorePhysique team! 

"I began practicing yoga 15 years ago when I was recovering from a sports related injury. In order to deepen my practice and be able to share yoga with others, I completed my 200 hour yoga training with Graham Fowler at Peachtree Yoga in Atlanta. I am passionate about all things related to good health: from yoga to nutrition. When I am not on the mat, I can be found hiking with my family or with the hiking group I founded: Sole Sisters of Milton, kayaking and working on balance on the stand up paddle board. I love what yoga does for the body, but even more; what it does to the mind. I am excited to be sharing yoga with all of you at Core Physique and will teach each class as "Yoga for Everybody"....perfect for the seasoned yogi as well as someone new to the mat."

CARDIO15/CORE15 - MWF 8:15
During this 15-minute time frame you can choose what you would like to do - cardio or core. Need a bit more cardio? Go to the cardio side of the room. Want to strengthen the core some more, head to the other side! We promise they will be time well spent!

Are you new to exercise? Have you wanted to try CorePhysique's FIIT class but worried about not being in good enough shape? Are you struggling with an injury? Want to go at a slower pace? 
INTRO FIIT is the perfect class! 

Each Saturday we will offer a different theme to the workout. Here's an example of some to come!

This class will be 100% cardio exercises. If you want to get your heart rate up, burn lots of calories and sweat, this one is for you! This will not be a dance, step aerobics type of class. This is CorePhysique style of cardio - running, jumping, jacking, and burpees will most definitely be present!

Shoulder Stability
As we age, shoulders become very susceptible to injury. This class will focus on shoulder stability, stabilization and strengthening to keep your shoulder healthy. If you already have a painful shoulder, this class will help with rehabbing it to get you back into your routines, pain free!

Yoga For Everybody! Come and treat yourself to wonderful stretching and relaxing exercises to sooth your soul and body. 

Hip Mobility 
This class will help open up your hips and get them to move properly. It will include proper form for exercises, stretching and strengthening of the entire hip area. This is one you don't want to miss if you have any hip tightness or issues! 

All classes are included in the FIIT Unlimited Contract! 
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