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Live CD/USB linux bootable operating system, with persistency.
distro which is a remaster. (remix, Spin-off) of Tiny Core Linux, featuring Enlightenment (DR17) desktop environment.

Download Current version: 1.11 (may 18 2013).

Installable via tc-install (builtin) or UNetbootin.

  • e17 The Enlightenment DR17 Desktop Environment.
  • e-modules-extra: Extra modules for The Enlightenment DR17 Desktop Environment.
  • echievements provides achievements for E17. It is a module 7 that serves as nothing more than a very entertaining time-waster.
  • terminology: EFL terminal emulator with some extra bells and whistles.
  • envision: pdf reader.
  • ephoto:  picture viewer.
  • ecrire: Text Editor.
  • econnman: ConnMan User Interface in EFL.
  • enjoy: Lightweight Music Player using EFL (To hear well the music don't stay in the virtual desktop where enjoy is).
  • elemines: a minesweeper game.
  • epymc: media center player efl enlightenment python.
  • emote: EFL Irc Client.