Public Assistance Applicant Briefings

The Colorado Office of Emergency Management is working with local jurisdictions to facilitate Public Assistance Applicant Briefings.  This is not a required meeting, however, it will assist potential applicants with understanding the requirements of the Public Assistance process.

These meetings do not address assistance to individuals or homeowners.  Individuals should visit a local Disaster Recover Center/ Disaster Assistance Center for assistance.

Public Assistance Applicant Forms

The deadline for the September 2013 Public Assistance application was November 30.  RPA are no longer being accepted.

After completing the Request for Assistance Form please send the completed electronic form or scanned paper to

Public Assistance Hotline Number

FEMA and State Public Assistance makes available a toll free hotline in order to provide guidance related to PA Policy and eligibility. This hotline is available for other FEMA entities, the State of Colorado, local governmental applicants, and interested private non-profits who provide services of a government nature. This hotline is NOT for the general public at large. The general public should continue to reach out to 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). Applicants should always be encouraged, however, to use their FEMA Public Assistance Coordinator (PAC) once assigned, as their primary source for inquiries.

This number is 855-282-5706 and will be operational beginning this afternoon and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

This hotline can field questions for the following:
  • General eligibility and policy questions
  • Clarifications on who is their PA field contact
  • Questions related to debris and the new Alternative Procedures
  • Contracting and procurement questions.

This hotline should NOT be used for the following:
  • What is the status of project worksheets (PW) 
  • When will funding be disbursed

Public Assistance Applicant Briefing Presentation

Public Assistance Cost Share Information

State PA cost share for Categories A-G with local governments, including special districts: 12.5% (50% of the 25% non-Federal match) but if a local government has used all its reserves and TABOR Emergency Reserves, the state may increase cost share up to 90% of the 25% non-Federal match. Other state agencies will review local government finances to determine (verify) that reserves/emergency funds have been expended. 

There is no PA cost share with non-profit organizations (PNPs).

Contract Template

Download sample contract to use for Public Assistance projects.  The sample can also be downloaded in the document section at the bottom of the page.

Applicant Briefings: Public Assistance

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