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Cordova Home Pros is a one-stop shop for home repairs, renovations and new projects for your home. We'll provide a complete assessment of your home with a punch-list (checklist) of repairs or improvements. 


From major new projects like building a home addition to upgrading or remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms, our renovation team ensures you get exactly what you want. Different projects require different expertise, with Cordova Home Pros there's no need to go anywhere else. 


When you need small or large repairs around your Cordova home, trust the quality and professionalism of our handymen and handywomen. From small repairs such as leaky faucets to large jobs like repairing your roof or siding you can trust ourYou don’t want to invest in a home remodeling project with a low ROI (return on investment) if you are interested in increasing the value of your Cordova property by customizing it the way you’ve always wanted or simply because you plan to sell it. If you are working on a limited budget, identifying the remodeling projects that offer the best value for your money might be challenging. 

Even though the number of homeowners looking to give their homes a refreshing look has been on the rise over the recent past, all upgrades do not offer the same value. To enjoy a high return on investment, here are some of the best home remodeling project ideas recommended by Cordova Home Pros. 

Remodeling The Kitchen 

Find out the essential elements of the project, and how they compare to the maximum amount available for spending before getting the project started. This will help you avoid having to settle for anything less than what you had in mind when you started, or getting midway through the project only to discover that your available budget is short of what’s needed to complete the project as initially planned. Moving forward with the project will be a breeze once this is dealt with. 

With regard to the new kitchen space, it’s important that you are clear about your expectations from the get go. If you found the old kitchen’s layout wanting in some way, utilizing the space better may help change things. You might need to conduct some structural alterations. If you find that a door or window is getting in your way, you might have to consider having it bricked up. The location of the overhead shelves and sink, floor storage units and worktop and cooking range will have to be planned. 

Remodeling The Bathroom 

If you plan to install a better toilet, brand new sink or larger bathtub, a bathroom can be planned in a way that an entire rebuild is the only way forward. Bathroom remodeling experts who can properly and safely handle a demolition job will offer invaluable advice. You can get down to planning the next step in the bathroom remodeling process if you are fortunate enough to have a well planned bathroom to begin with. 

You could still end up with costly but substandard results if you fail to bring the design together using the right materials and fixtures even if you pride yourself of having a good eye for design. In the design world, to ensure that your remodeling idea comes to fruition without suffering any major setbacks or unexpected occurrences, it is best to consult an expert. 

Detached Garage Space And Home Extensions 

If you are entertaining the thoughts of adding extra space to your current home, or feel that your family’s growing space needs exceed what is available, you may be thinking about moving to a new house and selling the current one, as a home owner. However, for you, there’s another viable option. You can create additional space in your home through a home extension. Note that the extra room you create can go a long way in helping you set a higher price if you choose to sell the property in future. 

A project that involves the creation of a detached garage or home extension goes past the boundaries of a mere remodeling project. Your home value increases as a result. Contact us for design build options if you are thinking about contracting a residential building contractor. 

Remodeling Patios And Decks 

With the potential of being used as a family dining space or whatever else you might have in mind, a patio or deck is definitely a worthwhile addition. It can help you increase the amount of floor space available for you to enjoy although not in terms of floor space within the house itself. 

Remodeling Project To Create A Man Cave 

Opting to remodel your basement into your very own man cave is fast becoming a common basement finishing option for many. In addition to helping you increase the value of your home, a man cave is also a great way for you to create a fun space where you can enjoy your free time. 

Man caves don’t necessarily have to be located in the basement of course. If you prefer a secluded space, away from the main structure, a standalone structure such as a converted shed or that rarely used garage space, closer to your family, are some of the other popularly used locations. 

Whether you want to customize your Memphis area home to match your needs, or simply want to enhance its resale value, home remodeling projects can be exciting. Contact Cordova Home Pros today and kick start the process of creating a home design that matches your needs and budget if you need any answers on how to enhance your home’s resale value.

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