Inspired Thoughts

In 2008 I joined an online Inspired thoughts class and in my first class our  tutor gave us one word and asked us to write the first thing that came into our heads and to input it into the class. The word she gave us was beauty and this is what I wrote:


Beauty is not what we all see

Upon the flesh is no guarantee

True beauty lies within ones soul

That shines out brightly to all who know

That truth and love are all we need

For beauty of flesh fades with age

But beauty within grows ever stronger

And unlike flesh it lasts much longer

It didn't stop there each week a new word and a new poem appeared, the poetry just kept pouring out of me. I then heard of a poetry and prose competition the Spiritualist's Lyceum Union was holding and decided to enter a few of my pieces. I went on to win the adult section of the competition with the poem I am Spirit.

This is me being presented with my award at Billingham Spiritualist Church by Sylvia Hobro

I am Spirit

I am Spirit

I am light

I am good

I am right

I am beauty

I am love

I am truth

I am God

 © Coral Ryder 2008