Coral Ryder CSNU(s,art)

Spirit Portrait & Psychic Artist   



 Spirit Art or Psychic Art?

For many years all art done by Psychics and Mediums was coined Psychic art, which I'm afraid to say has caused quite a problem over the years as many think that because it's called Psychic Art that it is done on a psychic level.This is simply not the case  unless of course you are doing Auragraphs. To set the record straight it needs to be understood that there are differences between Psychic and Mediumistic. On a Psychic level you are tuning into a persons aura and picking up information about their life and personality, on a Mediumistic level you are linking with Spirit in a mind to mind communication. This is how Spirit Artists work they link with Spirit and then under their influence draw images of peoples loved ones in the spirit world.

 What is a Spirit Artist?

A Spirit artist is a Medium who is influenced to draw, paint, carve, mould etc. art by spirit. Usually this takes on the form of portraits being done of people in Spirit, ie. paintings, drawings of those who have died. Although saying that there are occasions when the living are drawn. This does not mean anything bad is going to happen to the person drawn, it just means someone in the spirit world is thinking of them. 

Spirit art can take on many forms from portraits & landscapes to the surreal.

What is a Pychic Artist?

Psychic Art is when a psychic or medium tunes into the recipients auric field and then draws a pictoral interpretation of that aura, they will then use the picture to give a psychic reading in relation to the sitters life.



I have been asked to create this page to make viewing my art easier for people. Also I wished to keep a record of my own progress and to show people that they too can develop their Mediumship through art and that you don't have to be a trained artist to do so.


 My journey along this path started on the 26th of May 2005 when I was inspired to draw. I was sat at home playing a game on my PlayStation, when the words "put it down, paper, pencil and draw" dropped into my head. I chose to listen and I'm so glad that I did. I found a quiet spot and sat with pencil on paper, eyes closed waiting for something to happen. I then heard the words "can you open your eyes so that I can see what I'm doing please". I did as I was asked and pretty soon the pencil started to move across the paper. At first it was just scribble with no defined images and  I felt a sense of frustration and asked "are you left handed". The moment I asked that question I felt a sense of elation, the pencil went into my left hand, I heard "thank you" and I drew my first picture. (pictured on the left).


For the first two months I drew left handed, which I have to say unnerved a few people who knew I was right handed. I found drawing with my left hand accurate but slow, it could take me an hour to do a pencil sketch so for speed I went back to drawing with my right hand. I felt that it was necessary, for if I was to ever work off of a rostrum then I would need to be able to draw a portrait within three to seven minutes.



Here are a few of my pictures ranging from when I first started up to present day. I thought this would show how they have developed and hopefully encourage others to try. As you can see my drawings were not all that good to begin with. 




There is quite a big difference between these two pictures, yet I was still having problems with the eyes. All of my pictures had what I refer to as the startled bunny look! As if they have been startled by a light and are staring straight at it.




These two pictures were drawn in 2008 and as you can see there has been a vast improvement since I started in 2005.

Both of these were done in 2009 and although I still have room for improvement they have definitely come along way since I first started. To anyone thinking of trying Spirit Art I have to say that it's a wonderful way to explore your Mediumship. However I also have to say please don't be dissapointed if your pictures are not brilliant to start with, don't give up at the first hurdle. I have only come this far through practice, practice and more practice.

When demonstrating in public I tend to use an overhead projector and draw on acetate with a permanent marker.

This is the first picture I drew on acetate in November 2006 at the I.S.F fraternal weekend. I did not recognise him at the time but he turned out to be my husbands Granddad. I drew him in his prime, what he looked like 25 to 35 years ago, before I knew him.

It is not an exact likeness but you can tell that it's him. 

I am not a trained artist beyond what I was taught in school some twenty + years ago. My guide is the artist and I am the utensil, everything I have learnt has come from her and those people kind enough to help and advice me along the way.  I have to admit that I have been exceptionally lucky to have been advised by some wonderful people, Spirit Artists and Mediums and it is due to all these factors combined that has brought my art on so quickly. 

With this in mind I would like to thank Monty Havlock for telling me "never to take peoples criticism to heart, to take it on board and learn from it" and to trust in Spirit. John Brett for taking the time out to advise me on the right kind of tools to use. Even though he'd just finished a service and had a two hour journey ahead of him. Joan Walton for taking me under her wing and showing me where I was going wrong with the eyes. Also for making me realise that distance means nothing to Spirit, you don't have to be in the same room with someone to draw for them, in fact you don't even have to be in the same country. Pat Campbell for organising a Psychic art class at the I.S.F. fraternal weekend in November 2006 even though it wasn't on the list of classes. "I know it wasn't easy Pat, thanks your one in a million". Matthias Guldenstein for being my tutor that weekend and for bringing me forward, giving me the courage to get up and draw on acetate for the first time. Also since then for encouraging me to get up and teach, to pass on the knowledge that I have gained from him and the other artists I have met.

I would also like to thank the following: my family and friends for their support, my mother for her teachings, patience, friendly constructive criticism and for generally just being herself. All of the Mediums who were kind enough to give me permission to draw at the back of the church during their services. And last but by no means least my Spirit Guides, Friends and helpers without whom I could not do any of this.