Coral Ryder CSNU(s,art)

Spirit Portrait & Psychic Artist 

 Spirit Art or Psychic Art?

For many years all art done by Psychics and Mediums was coined Psychic art, which I'm afraid to say has caused quite a problem over the years as many think that because it's called Psychic Art that it is done on a psychic level. This is simply not the case  unless of course you are doing Auragraphs. To set the record straight it needs to be understood that there are differences between Psychic and Mediumistic. On a Psychic level you are tuning into a persons aura and picking up information about their life and personality, on a Mediumistic level you are linking with Spirit in a mind to mind communication. This is how Spirit Artists work they link with Spirit and then under their influence draw images of peoples loved ones in the spirit world.

 What is a Spirit Artist?

A Spirit artist is a Medium who is influenced to draw, paint, carve, mould etc. art by spirit. Usually this takes on the form of portraits being done of people in Spirit, ie. paintings, drawings of those who have died. Although saying that there are occasions when the living are drawn. This does not mean anything bad is going to happen to the person drawn, it just means someone in the spirit world is thinking of them. 

Spirit art can take on many forms from portraits & landscapes to the surreal.

What is a Psychic Artist?

Psychic Art is when a psychic or medium tunes into the recipients auric field and then draws a pictorial interpretation of that aura, they will then use the picture to give a psychic reading in relation to the sitters life.