Guides are teachers for Mediums and it is said that
"when the student is ready the teacher will appear".


I very rarely draw Guides and Helpers as they do not provide evidence of survival unless of course you happen to know them or can get confirmation from another source, however here are a few pictures of Guides and Helpers that I have drawn.




With this picture of a Tibetan monk I was told I had to age the picture once it was complete and that he went blind in his old age so had to give him white eyes. Rather than risk spoiling the picture trying to rub out the eyes I was impressed to place a piece of acetate over the top then age the picture to show how he would have looked before he passed to the higher side of life.

As I have said the drawing of guides and helpers is not my comfort zone due to the lack of evidence they bring so you can imagine that on those rare occasion I draw someone who is well known it really knocks me for six.   I wonder why they would come to me to be drawn in the first place but then I have to remember that I am the receiver only and dont get to pick and choose who comes through for someone, so if they come through then they are meant to come through to the recipient for a reason and who am I to second guess that. I have to admit though that when it happens  I do get a little shocked and maybe awe struck at times and can't quite think straight lol.

 I was more than a little surprised when I drew this dear lady and a little overwhelmed
but was not surprised that she would still be working spirit side of life in the persuit of her cause.

 © Coral Ryder 2008