Frank Leah

Frank Leah


Frank Leah is one of the best Spirit Artists the world has ever seen and he was a pioneer in the field of Spirit Art. He set a high standard that all of us Spirit Artists should aspire to. Frank was a trained portrait and landscape artist as well as a caricaturist, who sold his first cartoon to a newspaper at just twelve years old. He left his home in Stockport when he was 15 years of age and moved to Dublin where he started working for newspapers as an illustrator. He became the art editor for five Dublin journals the Weekly Freeman being one of them. His portraits of Irish Theatrical personalities  were collected by Joseph Holloway who later donated them to the National Library of Ireland. Frank was also the animator on the first Irish animated film in 1917 called Ten days' Leave directed by Jack Warren.

At some point Frank chose to leave Ireland and move to London where he worked out of his Kensington studio as  a Psychic Artist. Frank was Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, he would see spirit objectively, in simple terms spirit would appear in front of him and he then drew what he saw. He would hear their voices relaying to him tales of their life and the communications they wished him to relay whilst he sketched them.  He also sensed how they died and was once quoted for saying  " I have died over one thousand deaths".

Frank dedicated over forty years of his life to working for spirit and bringing people evidence of survival, reuniting people with the faces of their loved ones along with the messages they wished to relay.

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