I do not see the spirits that I draw, my hand is guided I therefore do not know how close a likeness I have created unless shown a picture for comparison. Sometimes when I draw people they will appear younger than when they passed or if they passed in their youth may appear at the age they would be now.

Here we have a few of my portraits alongside some photo's people were kind enough to show me and give me permission to use after the drawings were completed. All of the people were recognised by their loved ones even though some of the pictures are a bit rough. Again I have shared them from my early stages of development upwards to show their development. As you can see that they have vastly improved over time, yet even so I still endeavour  and aspire to get better and better to produce even stronger likenesses.

Comparison photos


These pictures were for a lady in America called Catherine. I have drawn this gentlemen on three separate occasions, the first time in April 2006. After I had drawn him I was impressed to scan the picture then add the glasses so that you can see him with or without them. Turned out that he didn't always wear them. 

Later that year I was drawing with spirit for practice and recognised Catherine's dad due to his rather distinctive nose and personality so I asked why he had come. I was informed that his wife was unwell and that he wanted her to know that she was going to be fine. I therefore emailed Catherine with the information and a copy of the picture. Shortly afterwards she contacted me to inform me that  that her mother had in deed been unwell. And that she was scheduled  to go into hospital to have a cardiac catheter put in the day after I had drawn the picture. I thought it was lovely to know that he was still keeping an eye on his family and that he wanted to put his wife's mind at ease, showing that love knows no boundaries. I drew him for a third time when I was doing a picture for Catherine's daughter, apparently they were very close and had a special bond between them.These pictures are a good example of how my drawings have progressed but also of how different the same person can look from different angles and with or without glasses. 

 © Coral Ryder 2008