I have tried to show you a variety of my Auragraphs from when I first started in order to show their progression. 


An Auragraph is a rather beautiful and unique way of giving a psychic reading. It is a representation of a person's life story, their past, present and potential. I say potential and not future for although a Psychic or Medium may be able to see glimpses of a persons possible future, no one no matter how good they are can say it will definitely come to pass as human will always comes into the equation.

A Psychic or Medium tunes into the auric field and then draws a symbolic representation of that aura. Once this is done they will then attempt to relay what the images and colours mean in relation to the sitters life.

There are many different ways to do auragraphs. The most common way is in a circle or oval pattern but they can also be done as flowers, feathers, butterfly's or masks etc. In fact you can do any pattern or picture you can imagine.

When reading the colours and images it is open to your own interpretation although quite often people will start at the base of the picture and work their way up. The base representing the sitters past, moving on up through their life to the present day and their potential.

Harold Sharp, who was influenced by his spirit guide, did the most well known Auragraphs and it was him who coined them Auragraphs and described them as “an artistic diagram of the human aura”. An Auragraph is done on a psychic level the information being picked up psychically from the recipient’s aura and then translated into picture form. It should be noted however that when spirit artists do Auragraphs they quite often tend to be influenced or even controlled by their guides onto how the picture and colours are to unfold.

Winner of the SNUI Auragraph competition 2011

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