About Coral

Coral is a British Medium, Spirit Portrait & Psychic Artist who serves Churches and Centres in the UK and abroad. She is the daughter of SNU Minister Ann Robson and SNU Healer Jim Robson and as such has grown up with an awareness of spirit and Spiritualism. In 2005 she was told by spirit to put down what she was doing and to draw. With spirit guiding her hand she has developed the ability to draw spirit portraits reuniting people with the faces of their loved ones. In 2012 she had the honour of being the first person to gain a Certificate of Recognition (CSNU) from the Spiritualist National Union in demonstrating Spirit Art.

She runs workshops on both the subjects of Spirit and Psychic Art; helping others to explore their mediumship through art and discover the hidden artist within. She regularly tutors for the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) at their Fraternal weeks and weekends in various countries across the globe as well as running weekly audio classes on SNUI the Spiritualists National Unions International website covering Spirit Portraits and Auragraphs. Along with her art Coral is the co-editor of Yours Fraternally, a small international spiritual magazine, makes hand crafted items and writes inspired poetry, one of which was used as the lyrics to 'Spiritual Age', a song written to celebrate Hydesville day.

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