Private Sittings

If you are interested in having a portrait done I am available for Private,  Postal & Internet Sittings,
for your money you will receive a  pencil sketch, drawn on top quality A4 paper plus whatever information/communication spirit give me. For postal sittings all I need from you is your name and address (so I can post out your picture) I do not need any other information. Also I do not need any photo's as this may influence what I draw and I do not want you to think that I have just drawn someone who resembles the picture and then claimed it to be a loved one. Your pictures could be any of the following, loved ones, friends, colleagues or even spirit guides. I have no way of knowing who will come through much in the same way you have no idea who will phone you, I am simply the receiver, a spiritual fax machine if you will.

Please take into account that these pictures are a likeness and not a photograph. I do not see the spirit to be drawn and work by allowing my guide to literally guide my hand as to where every line should go, I therefore have no comparison as to whether the likeness is spot on as I do not see them. When I draw spirit you need to be aware that more often than not they will come through looking like they did in their prime. Sometimes this is because they wish to to make the point and to let us know that they are fit and well without any of the ailments they may have once suffered. Occasionally if someone died young they may choose to come back looking older, as we still grow in the spirit world and quite often family members want to know what they would look like now. May I suggest for those who get a drawing from me that you get out your photo albums and look so you can see a comparison.

There are rare occasions when I draw someone who is still living,  this does not mean anything bad is going to happen to the person drawn. It simply means that someone in the spirit world is thinking of them and because of this I have drawn them. I have had several reasons as to why this happens from there being a concern about them to there being a celebration around them, on occasion it has been as a point of reference and spirit wanted a message to be given to the person drawn. 

Please note that I do not and will not predict the future, the reason being is that it is not set, no one no matter how good they are can tell you that something will definitely 100% come to pass. We all have freewill and this comes into the equation, so we can change things. Not only that I find that predictions often cause nothing but trouble as some people deliberately act in a way in which to make it happen whilst others live in fear just in case it does happen. So if it is predictions you are looking for then sorry but I am not the Medium/psychic for you. 

My job when working for spirit is to bring the all important message that we cannot die, our physical body may die but the person we are, the essence of our being continues on and this is what we bring when we bring you communication from your loved ones, evidence of survival.




"An artistic diagram of the human aura" I will create a unique piece of artwork for you on 12"x9" or 16"x12" quality paper then interpret what the colours and symbolism means in relation to your life. I do not require a photo to link with you, just the name of who the Auragraph is for. 

For postal and skype sittings you can either pay directly through PayPal or BACS or send me a cheque or postal order for details of how to arrange this please email me: or visit my webstore If you wish to see me in person for a private sitting you can book an appointment with me and meet at my studio: Spirit Within Art, The Arches, 79 Park Road, Unit 8, Hartlepool, TS24 7PW Mob: 07986451198

Spirit Portraits £30.00


Auragraphs £45.00


Please note: that all sittings are experimental in nature and no guarantees can be given.
You must be 18+ to book a sitting with me.