ISF Events

This picture was taken of  me doing a demonstration of Spirit Art in Satra Brunn Sweden at the I.S.F Fraternal week 2009. I had the honor of working alongside side some wonderful Mediums from across the globe on the International Mediums night.

When I draw spirit they often come back looking younger than when they were at their time of passing.  Sometimes   people may have to go home and get out the photo albums in order to find a younger photo of their loved one to compare with the portrait drawn.

Before I started my demonstration and to make the point on how different we can look I showed everyone a picture of an elderly gent (pictured right) I then went on to say how hard it can be to recognise someone minus theie wrinkles. I then slid out from underneath the drawing of the old man the portrait of him in his younger years. This really is an excellent way I have found to get the point across.