Short Movies

Several minute-long movies are available within each category.  Click on a category below or use the sidebar menu to navigate to a subject.

Cnidarian Aggression
    Zooplankton Prey, Hydrocorals, Colony Aggression, Cnidarian Abrasion

Living in Groups
    Resource Competition, Nuclear Hunting, Foraging Efficiency, Circular Search Strategy

Reef Dynamics

    Spur & Groove Dynamics, Parrotfish, Mucus Production, Calcareous Algae

    Egg Care in Triggerfish, Sponge Spawning, Sexual Dimorphism & Dichromatism, Flounder Copulation,
    Coral Broadcast Spawning Event, Asexual Reproduction

Sharks and Rays

    Whitetip Reef Shark, Undulation vs. Oscillation

Shifting Baselines
    Healthy vs. Impacted, Coral-Algal Phase Shift, Common Sea Fan, Acropora

Stressed Corals
    White Pox Disease, Lesions from Grazing Fish, Tissue Necrosis, Progression of Mortality, Divisional Coral         

    Goby-Shrimp Mutualism, Cleaning Symbioses, Anemonefish

Threats to Reefs

    Sedimentation, Marine Snow, Macroalgal Overgrowth, Fishing in No-Take Reserves, Crown of Thorns

Visual Biology and Mimicry

    Motion Mimicry, Underwater Fluorescence, Chromatophore Signaling, Aposemantic Coloration