Shifting Baselines

Most people are unaware of the natural history of the ocean. Without this knowledge, our baseline concept of its natural state continues to shift, and we come to accept its current state as normal. This is the problem of Shifting Baselines.

The Bounty of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are sometimes called the rainforests of the sea. Amazingly, however, this diversity thrives in ocean waters that are much more similar to deserts.

Coral Holobiont

The coral animal is a symbiotic community comprised of all three Domains of life, called the coral holobiont. A precariously balanced system, the coral holobiont has unique strategies to gain energy and nutrients.

Coral Bleaching

The reduction of zooxanthellae is called coral bleaching as it exposes the white skeleton of the coral animal. Potentially lethal, a number of factors cause coral bleaching.

The Maintenance of Coral Reef Health 

The maintenance of a healthy coral reef is precarious. How does overfishing, nutrients & dissolved organic carbon(DOC) affect this equilibrium?