The site "" is dedicated to the sharing of common tools for the development of knowledge on the Roller, through all the different countries concerned by this species.

Some ressources (Bibliography, pictures, songs, etc) are available and regularly updated by contributors.

The first coordinated tool is color ringing. Other tools could be biometrics, protocols, etc.

Informations about Roller : BirdLife Roller Sheet
European Roller (Coracias garrulous): uplist to Near Threatened?

Gaelic: Cuairsgean Welsh: Rholydd
Danish: Ellekrage Dutch: Scharrelaar
Finnish: Sininärhi French: Rollier d´Europe
German: Blauracke Hungarian: Szalakóta
Icelandic: Bláhrani Irish: Rollóir
Italian: Ghiandaia marina Norwegian: Blåråke
Polish: Kraska Portuguese: Rolieiro-comum
Spanish: Carraca Swedish: Blåkråka