The Importance of Medical and Health Care Translation

Quality First

The field of health care and medicine is a fascinating world, demanding and challenging. A world that is constantly moving, through new discoveries and innovative technology. A world where mistakes are hardly permitted, for they can cost lives. A world, therefore, where quality comes first. And where people work with people, where the expression ´human interest´ can and must be taken literally.

Care for People
Medical en health care translations are of vital importance. Sometimes even a question of life or death. So in your documentation too, you will be seeking perfection and high quality. You care for health, you care for people and human interest. You are looking for a personal approach.

Care, Quality, Personal Touch
I can offer you a personal approach together with a background in health care and medical technology and a knowledge of medical terminology. This is in addition to my professional education and experience as a translator from French and English into Dutch, as well as my access to an extensive network of professionals in the medical field and in many other industries. I would love to help you with the translation and editing of health care documents, medical reports, manuals and user guides, technical specifications of medical devices, research reports and medical and health care articles.

Let me help you communicate!


Google Labs offers an excellent tool to study or discover the human anatomy: Google Body Browser.

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