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Welcome to the Google Site for COR201e. We will be updating this site with new resources over time. 
This site can be accessed at http://bit.ly/cor201e Please bookmark this site.

Throughout this course (especially when you are working on your TMAs), please bear our learning outcomes in mind. They help you better understand what we are looking for when marking your TMAs.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to
    1. Apply metacognitive skills to their own learning
    2. Select appropriate writing strategies based on rhetorical contexts
    3. Select artefacts to build their ePortfolios
    4. Employ the appropriate rhetorical strategies in different situations
    5. Analyse and evaluate personal experiences
    6. Build Learning and Career ePortfolios
    7. Demonstrate critical thinking in developing ePortfolios
We highly recommend that you start collecting artefacts ASAP. Without artefacts, you cannot build a portfolio. You are advised to include at least three artefacts in each ePortfolio.

Both TMAs should be submitted using the form sent to your SUSS email account, so do not delete this email. If you should lose the email, retrieve the link to your form here (Jan 2019). Read the instructions on the form carefully before you start on your ePortfolio. As there is no grace period for this course, we advise you to submit as early as possible. You must add your tutor as an editor to your sites. We do not start marking until after the deadline, so you can continue to edit the site till then. There's no need to submit the same link after editing.

We also think that you should share your work-in-progress, on our Google+ community, as early as possible for feedback from classmates. Did you know that research has shown we learn better when we teach others? So you help yourself when you help others by giving them feedback and advice.

Learning Resources

Besides this site, we have:
Extra resources can be found on our Diigo group.
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