Top 10 Reasons To Get a St. Louis Virtual Office

1. V-Fax.  Yes, it's the 21st century and we have email, SMS, chat, social media and a never ending list of new and newer ways to communicate.  But we still have fax and it's use is still growing.  You need to be able to send and receive faxes or risk losing some potential customers.  With CopyThat's V-fax service, you can view your faxes anywhere you have access to email.  And don't waste paper printing all those faxes - their filed in you email account. 

2. Privacy.  Some businesses are OK with putting their home address on their business cards but most of us can benefit greatly from the customer confidence resulting from a professional business address.  Heck some businesses simply need the security of an anonymous home address.  PO boxes will provide the security of an unpublished home address but not the prestige of a suite number in our office building - and PO boxes don't accept FedEx, UPS, etc.

3. Save Money.  Let's face it, fixed offices are expensive.  Rent, utilities, office manager, etc.  If you need it, great!  (In fact, we have some offices for rent you may want to look at).  But that can be a lot of money to spend if you only sometimes need it.  Try a virtual office and sound, look and feel like a big office without the expense.

4. ALWAYS have a place to meet.  Yes, there are several coffee houses, etc now providing free wireless internet and make great places to meet with people to do business - in fact we have one in our building.  But sometimes you need a quiet or secure environment, or one with presentation facilites or a nearby full service business resource for copies, faxes, etc.  We have that.

5. Live receptionist or automated attendant answering your phone calls in your company's name.  Missed calls can be expensive.  Your cell phone voicemail may not match the WOW factor expressed in your brochures.  Your virtual office gives you access to the same phone system and receptionists that multimillion dollar companies can afford.

6. Expand your existing business to downtown St Louis.  If your business is in Chesterfield, Chicago, Los Angeles or Dubai and you need a part time or temporary branch near downtown St Louis, a virtual office is for you.  Perhaps you want to expand to St Louis but don't need a full office yet.  Or maybe a new potential client has a branch in St Louis and requires that you do too.  With the virtual office, you get a St Louis phone number, fax, address and a place to meet clients when you're in town.  And it doesn't sit idle, wasting your money when you're not in town.

7. Handle incoming calls your way.  Use an auto-attendant, or allow customers to select extension numbers, or ring everybody simultaneously or call the sales force in a round robin queue, or forward calls to your cell phone after hours or... let your creativity guide you.

8. Create a call center.  Robust inbound queue strategies, tools and call statistics and reports,  outbound call statistics, call recording, supervisor monitor mode and more designed with the call center in mind.

9. Set up a monitored information line.  Display a phone number at a house for sale, advertise a phone number for a job description or business opportunity, use a rain-out info line for a sports team / league.  If you spend a lot of time pre-qualifying too many leads, try letting a virtual office answer the call and provide preliminary information to the caller.  You can have callers press a key to reach you or a sales queue after listening to the pre-qualification recording if desired.

10.  Be flexible. It's a fact of life - your business environment changes.  technology, local and world events, economic climate, consumer preferences, the list of external factors that change your business is endless.  Business evolution teaches that the adaptable are best suited to survive.  With a virtual office, you are positioned to adapt.  You are not locked in to multi-year leases with expensive offices.  Change your services on the fly.  Add employees - add extensions on your service.  Grow, adapt, adjust.  It's just that easy.