Virtual Hair And Make Up

virtual hair and make up
    make up
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
  • makeup: an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • constitute: form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"
  • Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition
  • Relating to the points at which rays would meet if produced backward
  • (virtually) about: (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but; "the job is (just) about done"; "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"; "we're almost finished"; "the car all but ran her down"; "he nearly fainted"; "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"; "the
  • Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so
  • virtual(a): being actually such in almost every respect; "a practical failure"; "the once elegant temple lay in virtual ruin"
  • virtual(a): existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact; "a virtual dependence on charity"; "a virtual revolution"; "virtual reality"
  • Any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, and some other animals
  • A very small quantity or extent
  • A similar strand growing from the epidermis of a plant, or forming part of a living cell
  • a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss; "he combed his hair"; "each hair consists of layers of dead keratinized cells"
  • filamentous hairlike growth on a plant; "peach fuzz"
  • hair's-breadth: a very small distance or space; "they escaped by a hair's-breadth"; "they lost the election by a whisker"
virtual hair and make up - Sugar Virtual
Sugar Virtual Makeover
Sugar Virtual Makeover
Manufacturer's Description Fancy a new look, but not sure what to go for? Well, now you can discover your dream style with Sugar's glam-tastic virtual reality makeover studio! BE BEAUTIFUL! Suss out what make-up styles work for you by using "Make-up with Attitude" from Minders International. You can change your image for an instant or for good as you slick on luscious lippy, dust on dazzling eyeshadow, match up your mascara and blend in babelicious blusher. BE BOLD! Whether you decide to glam it up, got hip 'n' funky, or keep it casual and cool, Claire's Accessories has the perfect jewellery to suit your look. It's fun, easy and hassle-free. If you don't like your new look, simply start again! HOW DOES IT WORK? It's easy! Simply scan in a photo of you or your mate or, if you don't have a scanner, use a digital camera, import an image from a KODAK Picture CD, or use one of the models provided. Then you're ready to start creating those sassy styles you've always dreamed of! PLUS! Once you've finished your virtual makeover, you can email it to a mate, so they can make their own changes to your new style. You can also print out any of the looks you or your friends have created, so you can file 'em for future reference, or take them with you when you hit the high street - it's the only shopping list you'll need! . Review By A Customer We purchased this for our afterschool care which caters for children aged 5 up to 12 years old. It's so addicitive that the staff can't resist having a virtual makeover to. We have even transformed the parents. This will keep children occupied for hours on end. . . Operating System: Windows® 95 / 98 / ME / NT/ 2000/ XP CPU Type: Pentium 75 or equivalent CD-ROM Speed: 2x or faster Hard Drive Space: 35MB Memory: 16MB or higher Printer: Optional (recommended) Graphics: 800x600x16 bit colours Audio: Soundcard recommended Additional Requirements: Internet (optional)

77% (9)
Beauty Avatar Opening
Beauty Avatar Opening
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Skin City
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virtual hair and make up
virtual hair and make up
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