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Revlon Color Cosmetic

revlon color cosmetic
  • Affecting only the appearance of something rather than its substance
  • Involving or relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person's appearance
  • serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"
  • Designed or serving to improve the appearance of the body, esp. the face
  • serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body; "cosmetic surgery"; "enhansive makeup"
  • a toiletry designed to beautify the body
  • Revlon is an American cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company founded in 1932.
  • The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light
  • a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect; "a white color is made up of many different wavelengths of light"
  • having or capable of producing colors; "color film"; "he rented a color television"; "marvelous color illustrations"
  • One, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated in a spectrum or rainbow, sometimes including (loosely) black and white
  • The use of all colors, not only black, white, and gray, in photography or television
  • add color to; "The child colored the drawings"; "Fall colored the trees"; "colorize black and white film"

Cosmetics - Assorted
Cosmetics - Assorted
1. Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream (retired size/package) – 2.5 oz. Barely used. $3 (New 2.1 oz. size retails for apx. $11) 2. Midnight Blue eye shadow #4984 (retired). Barely used. $1 (retailed for $5.50) 3. High Profile Creme Lipstick in “Intensity Controller” #4837 (can be used alone) in box (retired) - .13 oz.. Like new (used less than 5 times). $3 (retailed for apx. $10) 4. High Profile Creme Lipstick in “Honeycomb” #4611 (Tawnies Shade Family) in box (retired) - .13 oz.. Like new (used maybe 1-2 times). $3 (retailed for apx. $10) 5. Signature Color Lipstick in “Toffee” #1883 (Knock-Out Neutrals Shade Family) in box (retired) - .13 oz.. Like new (used maybe 1-2 times). $3 (retailed for apx. $10) Clinique Lipsticks: 6. Long Last Lipstick in “Terra Cotta” (retired) - .14 oz. Barely used. $1 7. Re-Moisturizing Lipstick in “Golden Brandy” (retired) - .13 oz. About half used. 50 cents Revlon Lipsticks: 8. Super Lustrous Creme in “Wild Berries” #06 (retired) - .15 oz. Barely used. $1 9. Super Lustrous Creme in “Suitably Ruby” #24 (retired) - .15 oz. Barely used. $1 10. Super Lustrous Frost in “Pink Foil” #28 (retired) - .15 oz. About ? left. 25 cents 11. Velvet Touch Creme in “Wine Velvet” #46 (retired) - .17 oz. Not much used. $1 12. . Sassaby Cream Lipstick in “Megaberry” (grapey flavored!) - .13 oz. About half used. 25 cents
Gardens Green
Gardens Green
I may have bought this top specifically to match my eyeshadow. Too Faced Shadow Insurance -> Wet n Wild Idol Eyes creme shadow pencil in Distress (navy blue) in c-shape around crease and outer lid -> Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy dabbed and blended on lid -> Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Gardens all over lid -> Silk Naturals Trouble (=Urban Decay Sin) on browbone -> Orglamix Cosmetics** Aurora inner corners, blended onto lid, over edges to blend and soften -> Physicians Formula gel liner, black with silver sparkle, from "Glam Green Eyes" trio applied in very thin line on upper lid and dragged halfway across lower lashline -> Physicians Formula big shiny green leaf mascara Sassy Minerals foundation Fyrinnae Charm blush Just Pure Minerals Lemon color corrector (under eyes) Revlon Colorburst Carnation lipstick **Company may or may not have gone out of business, do not recommend them either way

revlon color cosmetic