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makeup samples for free
    for free
  • gratis: without payment; "I'll give you this gratis"
  • A portion drawn from a population, the study of which is intended to lead to statistical estimates of the attributes of the whole population
  • sample distribution: items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
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  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
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  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
makeup samples for free - Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals Double ended Concealer brush w/ free BENEFIT Erase Paste Medium Concealer (Maximum coverage and precise concealer brush)
Bare Escentuals Double ended Concealer brush w/ free BENEFIT Erase Paste Medium Concealer (Maximum coverage and precise concealer brush)
1. Erase Paste - Medium 2 gram deluxe sample pack ($13 value) Benefit Erase Paste is a concentrated, creamy, blendable concealer that instantly brightens and camouflages all-in-one. It has an innovative formula which makes sure signs of stress and fatigue are a thing of the past. These three brightening neutral shades give every gal correction perfection. 2. Bare Mineral Double Ended Concealer Brush Maximum Coverage Concealer & Precise Concealer brush ($28) The smooth, synthetic bristles of maximum coverage concealer brush allows full, concentrated coverage that blends into skin flawlessly. It holds more product, giving you extra coverage fast. Precise Concealer brush works well for concealing in detailed, concaved, or convex areas such as the inner corner of the eye, 3.3 gram Natural Hinged Jar ($3) Natural Finish hinged Jar makes it easy for you to bring you most beloved erase paste on the go. High quality , sturdy and durable.

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19 of 365
19 of 365
Tokidoki. That's "sometimes" in Japanese. Majide. That's "seriously" in Japanese. Let me use them together- Tokidoki, majide?!?! Anyways, I was gifted quite a few dessert scented body products for my birthday. Now, I LOVE love LOVE dessert, but I do not like beauty products that smell like dessert. I hope no one is offended when they read this and understand that I returned everything to get things I really wanted. And I am really happy with my purchases. Item #1 - Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 20 I use Kiehl's Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15, daily. I only wear actual foundation (full on makeup) for special occassions. Those are rare these days. I'm glad life has slowed down. Nordstrom used to carry Kiehl's but they don't anymore. I have to go to Neiman Marcus or order online. Inconvenient. I've been looking for a more accessible replacement so we'll see how Urban Decay works out. **EDIT: I'm returning this. It's a little bit too dry. I believe I will stick with Kiehl's forever. There's a reason why it's been around since 1851 - it's great stuff!** Item #2 - Two Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer A small sample of this came in a kit that Anh gave me for my birthday. I like. I think this one will work out as well. It goes on smooth. I can't exactly use this alone like it says you can, without makeup and definitely not without concealer, because my age spots/sunspots/freckles are dark. I should've invested in a cream that reduces the time. **EDIT: I will exchange this for Smashbox's Primer, which I like better. I was told to try the green color correcting one.** Item #3 - Nars Blush in Orgasm I know everyone and their mama has used this blush, but this is my first time. It's their best seller and everyone refers it, but I never got around to trying it. It seems darker than I'd like on the back of my hand, but we'll give it a shot. **EDIT: I really like this. Good color - not too strong, not too faint.** Item #4 - Tokidoki Heart and Crossbones sterling silver necklace I returned the Korres tinted moisturizer (SPF 30 but too dry) without the receipt so I had store credit. I returned the dessert scented beauty products today so I had store credit. I had a $30 gift card (Thanks, Mrs. Tu!). All of that allowed me to spend more than $75 to get the Tokidoki necklace for free because I am a Sephora V.I.B. I will get a $20 gift certificate this Christmas instead of the $15 gift certificate you peasant Beauty Insiders will receive. I spent $3.02 on everything. I wonder if the total amount counts towards my reward card, or if only $3 counts.....I have to spend $350 by December in order to keep my status as a V.I.B., or I revert back to a Beauty Insider peasant!! Either way, I love Sephora all the time, not tokidoki. I could spend hours in there playing with everything. I don't care how "contaminated" the testing products are. It helps me build immunity, and it's fun. Majide. Tokidoki you feel like a nut. Tokidoki you don't.
clinique gwp
clinique gwp
my mom had a $20 gift certificate for nordstom which was going to soon expire (on a monday). we looked around for a bit and decided on the lipstick set for $25. the sales lady then asked if we would like to pre-order our gift-with-purchase (because the gift promotion didn't start until wednesday). well sure! so basically we ended up paying $7some for the four lipsticks and got 11 other products thrown in for free! wow!

makeup samples for free
makeup samples for free
Olay Definity Scrub Cleanser with Free Regenerist Eye Makeup Remover Sample (50 ml), 5 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub is ideal for skin with visible pores, oiliness, dullness, or unevenness. Its deep lathering formula thoroughly cleanses away dirt and make-up to minimize pore appearance, instantly redefining skin. For best results, use with Olay Definity Moisturizers.

Olay Definity Cleansers penetrate deep into the surface to reveal skin that?s highly defined ? beautifully clean; more luminous. Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub is ideal for skin with visible pores; oiliness; dullness; or unevenness. Its deep lathering formula thoroughly cleanses away dirt and make-up to minimize pore appearance; instantly redefining skin. For best results; use with Olay Definity Moisturizers.
Product DetailsOlay Advanced Anti-Aging + Skin Tone Correction
What is special about Definity? Olay Definity is an advanced anti-aging line that is designed to treat both color and texture imperfections. Olay Definity penetrates up to 10 surface layers deep, hydrating to help correct the look of discoloration, including dullness, brown spots, and sun damage, PLUS fine lines and wrinkles. The result is more flawless, luminous skin in just 8 weeks.Love the skin you’re in. ™Definity
The Glucosamine Complex
A breakthrough in anti-aging skin care from Olay: Definity’s exclusive Essential Glucosamine Complex. What makes it breakthrough? With it’s key ingredients – N-acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide – Definity’s Glucosamine Complex hydrates to help:
Enhance moisture barrier structure
Moisturize to allow the natural regeneration of collagen
Smooth the look of lines and wrinkles
Reveal luminous, more flawless skin that appears lit from within
Wondering wich skin care products are right for you?
Try the OlayForYou personalized consultation tool.
Start Now Luminous skin gets noticed
Olay Definity Voted Best New Anti-Aging Product
In a study among 50,000 voters presented by Better Homes & Gardens, Definity Color Recapture won “Best New Anti-Aging Product” and “Best New Product Overall”.BEST NEW PRODUCT
light reflects off healthy collagen, creating luminosity.
Unlocking Luminosity
Human skin is not a solid surface. It has depth and layers that contain melanin, hemoglobin, and collagen. Light passes through the surface and interacts with melanin and hemoglobin, ultimately reflecting off the collagen layer, a.k.a the “collagen mirror.” A healthy collagen mirror is smooth and uniform, creating a surface that reflects light back to the surface in the form of healthy-looking luminosity.